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10/9/2017 c3 Guest
Love it
10/9/2017 c3 dark.wizard92
She really need a little tact or maybe a little confunfus here and there, Lily dealing with Petyr will be interesting I hope she can stop him from influencing her sister

And this war veteran Lily maybe just take care of him
10/9/2017 c3 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
10/9/2017 c3 DullReign82
I'm glad that Arya will have two aunts who are strong women.
10/9/2017 c3 1Neyric
This Lily reminds me of Arya!
10/9/2017 c3 Slaggedfire
I know Petyr is important to the plot, but can we have Lily castrate him? Thanks for the chapter.
10/9/2017 c3 thunder18
Great chapter Update soon
10/9/2017 c3 marlastiano
Good :)
10/9/2017 c3 sucuri
This was great! She is acting much like lyanna did, wanting to learn how to fight and such. I want to see more of her relationship with her sisters, will Lysa be jealous of her too since she is prettier than Cat and her? Also cant wait to see how she will interact with petyr...and the future! I mean she is a feminist, if lysa gets pregnant and is forced to take moon tea how will she react? How will she react when her sister is forced to marry an old man? Will these events still happen? Cant wait to see what you do.
10/9/2017 c3 medistr
10/5/2017 c2 1Mary D. Black2000
I love the main pairing, mainly because I really like House Baratheon. But I do think Robert should be given a chance, he is a great character with a lot of potential to be good, at least in fanfiction
10/3/2017 c2 Sanchez97
If Lily is going to be the queen are Catlyn and Lysa going to marry Ned and Jon A. because I don't think the other lords will happy about the fact that the Tullys are going to be: Lady Stark, Lady Arryn, the Queen, and Lord Tully respectively.
10/2/2017 c2 Shizuka-naru Goketsu
Robert was never really a bad guy, he was a bad King and he had a bit of a bloodlust when it came to his cousins, but for the time period the series is based on he was pretty much atypical. He only comes across as a bad guy when held up to modern standards.
10/2/2017 c1 5animemangaobsessed
can't wait for more!
10/1/2017 c1 emma.logan.142
potential Severus/ petyr baelish parallels?
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