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10/9/2017 c3 medistr
10/5/2017 c2 1Mary D. Black2000
I love the main pairing, mainly because I really like House Baratheon. But I do think Robert should be given a chance, he is a great character with a lot of potential to be good, at least in fanfiction
10/3/2017 c2 Sanchez97
If Lily is going to be the queen are Catlyn and Lysa going to marry Ned and Jon A. because I don't think the other lords will happy about the fact that the Tullys are going to be: Lady Stark, Lady Arryn, the Queen, and Lord Tully respectively.
10/2/2017 c2 Shizuka-naru Goketsu
Robert was never really a bad guy, he was a bad King and he had a bit of a bloodlust when it came to his cousins, but for the time period the series is based on he was pretty much atypical. He only comes across as a bad guy when held up to modern standards.
10/2/2017 c1 5animemangaobsessed
can't wait for more!
10/1/2017 c1 emma.logan.142
potential Severus/ petyr baelish parallels?
10/1/2017 c2 Guest
It would be interesting to see if Lily can see through Petyr Baelish. He used Lysa horribly. I dislike Catelyn's character as a rule, but I especially dislike how she knew Petyr loved her (and as a sister must have known that Lysa loved Petyr), but never really did anything to actually reject him firmly and make him stop using Lysa. I suspect that she enjoyed the attention and felt peoud that someone openly liked her like that (the way Sansa probably would). After he made advances on her when they were teens, she should have firmly told him that she only saw him as a brother and that a daughter of a Lord Paramount would never be wed to a son of a lower house. Harsh? Maybe, but it's a reality check that Baelish desperately needed that Catelyn never gave him because he gave her an ego boost. If she doesn't see that herself, hopefully Lily will open her eyes to the situation and make her see that it's her Duty and it would be Honorable to let Petyr down and not lead him on. Also, Lily could point out that Lysa's feelings could be crushed.

As for Lysa, I've never fully understood people's hatred of her. Think about it, she was madly in love with someone who used her her entire life and pretended to love her too just to get ahead in life. And as for being "crazy," well, the impression I've gotten about moon tea from the books is that it's supposed to be taken right after sex (like within the day). Lysa only told her father about the pregnancy once she found out about it (which would probably be at least a month into the pregnancy for her to know. He forced her to take moon tea to abort the baby and she nearly died because of it. I mean, the poor girl had sex with the boy she loved who called her "Catelyn" when he climaxed, she found out she was going to have a child and probably grew to love it as mothers do while with child, and was forced (because I don't believe it was willing) to get an abortion by someone she trusted and loved (her father), then almost DIES from the experience. Moon tea being given to someone with a pregnancy that far along obviously has negative effects on both the woman's health and on her fertility! She got pregnant after only one time having sex with Petyr and yet after that had multiple miscarriages? If she was that fertile to begin with, then obviously the abortion caused some type of scarring in her womb because the baby was already developed that far along. And just having an abortion in the first place can seriously mess with your psyche. I've known several women who have had one (and even sat with one of my good friends at the clinic while she waited) and every single friend I know who has had an abortion has been emotionally wrecked for a while afterwards and these were all women who WANTED the abortion because they weren't ready for kids! (By the way, this isn't an anti-abortion rant; I am very much pro-choice). Then here's Lysa, young girl whose own dad forces her to have an abortion against her will! Of course that's going to cause severe emotional trauma for the poor girl! And then she's married off to an extremely old man who obviously only married her for an alliance and an heir. She has no support system, no baby because the abortion messed up her uterus and caused her miscarriages, and is forced into the cesspool of snakes that is King's Landing because Jon Arryn becomes Hand. Is it any wonder that with her sister beyond her reach in Winterfell, she reaches out to someone familiar who she loves? It was Petyr who used her and twisted her into what she became. She needed support and a sister or good friend to confide in and time to heal before being packed off like a prize cow! Seriously, I understand that the culture was different back then with virginity and women's rights and betrothals, but guck Hoster Tully! He really was a shitty father for someone whose words are Family, Duty, Honor! Where was he during all of this? Was he just oblivious? It seems like he never took the time to help Lysa get over her trauma.

I sincerely hope Lily will make selfish Catelyn wise up, alert Lord Hoster to the situation so he would either send Petyr away to the Vale or have a very harsh talk with his ward about a boy from a minor house not being able to marry a daughter of a rich Lord Paramount, and nurture Lysa emotionally so that she won't depend upon Petyr and see that Petyr doesn't feel anything for her. Also, in the books Tywin and Hoster betrothed Lysa and Jaime. It was only after the Mad King made Jaime join the Kingsguard to insult Tywin that Tywin offered Tyrion to Lysa. Maybe with Lily encouraging Lysa to move on from Petyr earlier, that would push the wedding to Lysa and Jaime up sooner? If he's a married man, Jaime can't join the Kingsguard, right?

I think Lily would do this. Canon Lily is fiercely devoted to those she loves and I could see her seeing Lysa as a second chance at being a good sister (after the mess with Petunia). Actually, I sort of see Catelyn as very similar to Petunia now that I think about it. She's petty, acts superior, likes things "normal" as seen by her dislike of Arya doing anything unladylike because it's against the status quo, and her treatment of Jon Snow is pretty similar to Petunia's treatment of Harry Potter! Aha! It all makes sense why I dislike Catelyn Tully now! And since Lily is a devoted sister, maybe she'll nurture Edmure to not be a prideful idiot like he was in the books? One can only hope!
10/1/2017 c2 Shadow Wolf 15846
10/1/2017 c2 3FleurSuoh
Looking forward to reading what happens next
10/1/2017 c2 1RaeSage
Love it! Cant wait for adult Lily and maybe others POV :) please update soon..
10/1/2017 c2 Aisucold
cant wait to see where this goes
9/30/2017 c2 whrr.trudy
*claps* yay she found books :)
9/30/2017 c2 DullReign82
love Little Lily and I find that she's adorable.
9/30/2017 c2 7Light Lord Cybergate
I wonder who Lily will be betrothed to in the future.
If it remains like canon then Cat will still be a Stark... and Lysa will be an those two families will probably not be considered a second time as there would be no further political gain.

I guess she could still be a Stark, as those had a lot of sons... but only if it's for love and old Hoster can't find another match for her...which I doubt.
The only other option would be if Lily were to somehow replace Cat. Which is actually very possible.
In a way it would be a good idea for her to try for the Starks as of all the families they would be most tolerant when it comes to her magic, seeing as they worship the old tells me Cat won't really mind. If I'm not mistaken, then at first, she wasn't happy with the arrangement and never really wanted to go to the 'cold and barbaric' north.

As for Arryn... I may be wrong...but they never had that many sons...or did they?

So maybe that leaves the remaining familes...
Presuming that it has to be a major family or at least a family controlling something of importance... and presuming that the king would never accept a third born daughter to marry the crown prince...well...not unless the prince demands her perhaps or the king become interested in her magic... the remaining worthy families would therefore be the Tyrells as they too have a good few sons and the family controls the largest food source of Westeros... or maybe it could be a dornish prince... which would be a great match and it would also make her a I don't think they have a grudge against the Tully's.
Next we have the Lannisters: Kevin...or indeed maybe even Jamie...if he does not become a member of the kings guard.
All are possible.

Of course...there is also a darker possibility.
She may even be forced to marry a Frey in a way to keep them happy...or...if all hell breaks loose she might be captured and turned into a salt wife...or meet a peasant and run away with him...but we hope it won't come to that...
Please don't!

Either way...I'll be looking forward to see who it will be. before...all are possible.
9/30/2017 c2 ficreader2011
I Hope lily brings enlightenment to this world and does not fall into the trap of chasing petty titles when she is a witch and far above anyone in this is can bring revolution to this world and save the smallfolk.
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