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9/30/2017 c2 3doRodrigo
Loving it! Hope you update it soon enough. Keep up the great work. Cheers!
9/30/2017 c2 Alice
vivement la suite
9/30/2017 c2 Elle.A.Eye
Hi, just a quick note : you wrote vermillion rivers somewhere in the beginning. As far as I know vermillion is red. I don't know if that is what you intended but since you went for the green theme I thought maybe you meant viridian...
On the rest of the story I don't have much to say yet, since it's still early on, but I like the way you write and I think you have the ability to spin some great tales.
9/30/2017 c2 17Child of Dreams
Oh, wow...
I would love to live there...
9/30/2017 c2 thunder18
Great chapter Update soon
9/30/2017 c2 4kossboss
good start.
9/30/2017 c2 medistr
"Welcome to the world little one," the red haired woman said again. Her hair was a brilliant scarlet and fanned out behind her like a crimson halo. Her blue eyes were kind and though she was not Rose Evans, Lily did feel some comfort at seeing that this woman cared for her.

"My name is Minisa," the woman went on. "I'm your mother. And it is such an honor to meet you."

9/30/2017 c2 A Frozen Shadow
Can't wait for the next chapter, great work ;p
9/30/2017 c2 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
9/30/2017 c2 6maartenvervloet
at least that is one Maester who doesn't seem to have a dislike for magic (I still think the Maester Order caused the extinction of the dragons); not that he is the only one: Luwin of Winterfell and the one they call the Mage don't dislike it either

I wouldn't call this chapter boring, creating the background for your characters is important for one (to be fair, I did kind of read through the Silmarillion in one go, so I'm probably not the best person to comment about readability; but even for those who don't succeed in doing that, this was not boring at all)
9/30/2017 c2 dark.wizard92
A filler but it’s required, can’t wait for next chapter
9/30/2017 c2 5animemangaobsessed
can't wait for more! Lily shall rule westros!
9/30/2017 c2 marlastiano
Good work :)
9/30/2017 c2 Guest
I really wanted Lily with Eddard Stark
9/30/2017 c2 orionastro
very good story so far i do wonder If Harry will also be transported into this world .
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