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5/12/2022 c37 17Child of Dreams
I thought Dorne would be in this chapter...
5/12/2022 c37 1Stahchild
Ned is not being harsh at all. I love his reaction and his actions. He’s acting as Lord Stark the Warden of the North with hundreds of thousands of lives under his care. Lyanna made her bed, she can lie it.

Thank you for the update. I’m really curious how Robert and Lily are going to end together and whether he’s going to end up marrying Cersei.

Really enjoy this story.
5/12/2022 c36 Catsieee
Also addressing chapter 37

Not just that but Lyanna and Rhaegar got married, something Lyanna should have stated. There is even evidence of the marriage, this scene makes no sense, when Lyanna would have all the reason in the world to push back on the bastard statement. Yeah, this is bad, lmao. I hope you address this, when people are calmer that Ned’s plan can not work.
5/12/2022 c37 MillieBelle
OMG, I love this chapter! This is a breath of fresh air, seeing Lyanna facing consequences for her stupid actions instead of just dying and evading responsibilities.
5/12/2022 c37 Catsieee
Yeah, this take might be the worst way this story can go. You had a chance to actually do something interesting with Lyanna being alive and you tossed it away completely just to punish her for everyone else’s actions. They were always going to try and overthrow the king, Lyanna was nothing but an excuse and you know it. Also, Ned might have been upset but with Lyanna alive and with her personality the only real way this can go is if she rebels and tries to go to her son the second that she is able. And Ned should know that. His only true option IS to go to war for Jon and it’s wild you think he wouldn’t.
5/12/2022 c37 2sammiemarie123
FINALLY Lyanna being held accountable absolutely love this
5/12/2022 c37 morpheusandmuse
OMG! I love it! Always thought Lyanna was quite selfish for running off with Rhaegar. And she absolutely needs to face the consequences of her actions. I have a bad feeling she will continue to cause trouble though.

Can't wait for more :)
5/12/2022 c37 29Boris Yeltsin
Love this take on Ned. Harsh, but, that's more the grief talking.
5/12/2022 c36 rikoonee
Thank you for the update!

God, finally they made it out of that cursed city. Such a close call. Jaime has betrayed his family now. His reaction to Lily's magic will be interesting.
5/10/2022 c36 denniise
omg, what a horrible place to stop this story! It was great and I really enjoyed it. I hope you will come back to it!
5/10/2022 c36 Bambina-belle
Holly hallelujah! You have had me glued to the screen chapter after chapter. Can't wait to see how it goes. Maybe she can even end up with Jaime...
5/10/2022 c4 Lilith Aeris
You’re making Lily a copy of Aria. She is acting overly immature for a twenty-year-old woman who was previously a mother and a wife, no matter that she’s in a child’s body now. How disappointing.
5/9/2022 c36 ReadLikeHermione
amazing! I've been waiting for this escape from Kingslanding. can't wait for the next chapter! <3<3<3<3 and I can't wait for RobertLily
5/9/2022 c36 22Luckylily
So looking forward to how you get those two together, and hoping Robert is far more redeemable than in the show! Especially given how you have written him to date!
5/8/2022 c36 Libysss
I am so happy you are back! And how exciting this new chapter is! Thank you:)
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