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5/5/2022 c36 CathyM4
I love this story, so glad Lily managed to save Elia and the girls - Tywin is not going to be too happy about that! Cersei is going to be seriously pissed that Jaime has chosen to protect Elia.
Looking forward to Lily and Robert's next meeting.
5/4/2022 c35 Guest97
Yeah! At least Lysa finally get her happy ending too
5/4/2022 c34 Guest97
I knew it would happen but still gosh I still cried . Love the chapter eventhough it is so sad.
5/4/2022 c36 Mari Wollsch
great, can't wait for more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5/2/2022 c36 isa
aqui los nos gusta tu historia la e leido varias veses y como oy la sigo buscando para ver si la continua estare al pendiete que siga tu musa
5/2/2022 c36 morpheusandmuse
yayyyyyy! you're still alive :D

Epic chapter and I feel like a turning point for the story. Can't wait to see Robert Baratheon!
4/30/2022 c36 Persephone Targaryen
I was so happy to see this update in my inbox! I love this story!
I do admit to being very curious about you are going to have Lily and Robert get together due to the fact that she is fleeing with Elia. Also, how in the world will Tywin allow anyone to else to be queen over Cersei when he turned on the Targaryens to have his daughter be queen to Robert.
I am very excited to see where you go with this story, thank you so much for making it!
4/30/2022 c36 Maria
4/30/2022 c36 1Sakihinata
Oh wow, awesome chapter! That certainly escalated quickly ;)
4/30/2022 c36 1Wal Otter
I very much enjoy how you have build and change'd the original story, it's still just as bloody but more hopefull for the characters. I can't wait to read how your going to pair Robert and Lily togetherkeep up good work
4/30/2022 c36 GS
I can't wait to meet Robert. he's actually super likeable in this story .And please let lily take care of the widfire caches. Kings landing can't burn!
4/29/2022 c36 TehStorm
Great chapter! I am really curious about the fate of Lyanna here in your story. For once, i want her to live to face the consequences of her actions. Hell maybe even keep Rhaegar alive just so he can freeze his ass off in the wall for the rest of his live instead of a quick death...
4/29/2022 c36 5Citopal
oh thank goodness. i was so worried that elia and her daughters would die when they kept putting off their escape. well lily's magic is surely going to be known to the martells now. im not sure that's going to be a good thing seeing how manipulative doran is.
4/29/2022 c13 3falseproffitt
I don't get why you people base EVERYONES MARRAGE on the age that Marries . she was already being considered old by that point. Raella was 14 when she was married and their are several mentions that females married not long after "flowering". was a special case because war and Brandon.
4/29/2022 c36 LittleFlower2012
I can’t wait for the next chapter!
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