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9/18/2023 c3 4Covante
I'm liking the start and it will be interesting to see what sort of changes Lily manages to make and what sort of pushback she gets for her efforts. I also want to see why she wants to bother learning the sword, that seems kind of odd for a witch who doesn't need one to defend herself to be hung up on that.

I have a couple of questions. You had Harry being 3 months instead of 15 months and said Lily is 'completely twenty-first century in her thinking', were either one of those on purpose?
9/8/2023 c39 21Ptool
loving this story. your GOT drama is among the best.
9/3/2023 c39 JazminSS
Thank you very much for the story. I've enjoyed it very much. Hope you find some inspiration and time to update soon. I really want to see how lily's character develops as a queen and how the romance with Robert develops.
8/27/2023 c39 PrimalWhiteStar
I really really REALLY Love this story... any hope for an update, can't wait to read of the new interaction in King's Landing
8/27/2023 c37 PrimalWhiteStar
I have to say that I really love the you put Lyanna... she caused a war... and nothing is said on the metter... Good job
8/27/2023 c21 PrimalWhiteStar
I'm curious of how her Magic being discovered will change her relationship with her sister and Petyr
8/27/2023 c39 Guest
Eh... I didn't like the way this chapter was going.

"Thanks for saving my sister and her children, now go whore yourself off to the last ridden horny king in a loveless marriage for us will you?"

Nah... I'd be pissed off.

I don't understand how nonchalant everyone is especially Ellia when she knows first hand how that's wrong
8/23/2023 c34 1edwardsgirl21
Can't wait for more
8/4/2023 c39 5Lyz135
I hope you plan to update this soon! I just spent the last 2 days reading this, and i cant wait for more!
7/4/2023 c39 Guest
This sooo good! I am so invested in this story! Love your work so much
6/29/2023 c23 squeegybug
She should have Avada'd him and then Obliviated the ashes.
6/29/2023 c19 squeegybug
I have typed in Kaetie Mac into the search bar and I am not seeing a grey icon with a tree. Is this old news? Is there a new channel or website?
6/27/2023 c39 squeegybug
If you loaded the stories that are discontinued onto Ao3, then those fans can download copies and read them over and over. (I am bummed because I didn't get to read those before they were taken down, but now that I know they exist, I can look for them. Will you be dropping a note in this fic when they come back online?) Anyway, then they would not be staring you in the face every time you go into to work on your active ones. This is an awesome story and I cannot wait to find out how/if Daenerys Stormborn and her dragons and brother figure in to the storyline here. I like your version of Jamie, it doesn't seem that his sister has her hooks in him in this story. I am curious if Robert will keep Jamie as a Kingsguard. If he is released and sent back to Casterly Rock, Tywin will have his heir back. Jon Snow doesn't even exist in this story does he? I need to read it again, I only popped back because I saw that it was updated this year. Anyway, I love it! Make mooooooooooore!
6/17/2023 c1 junese
the assassination part in chap 13 or 14 is stupid. why didn't she use magic against the assassin when no one was aying attention. why is she being so nonchalant about it? real stupid feminist story. and lily feels more like an OC rather than the lily character from HP
6/17/2023 c1 junese
garbo story.
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