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11/17/2021 c35 geethika98
Brandon is dead!? Awwww
I like this little friendship between Jaime and Lily.
I hope she ends up making contingency plans for elia's escape. ... like a password triggered portkey. can't wait for Robert and lily to finally meet! great chapter
11/17/2021 c35 Smokinbarrrel
11/17/2021 c35 jayod
Great update! I’m so looking forward to the next one!
11/17/2021 c35 12stealacandy
"In all the letters that he had sent her, Daenerys found that she too respected him greatly and was looking forward to spending more time with him as the years went on."

Not Daenerys, but Lily.
11/17/2021 c35 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
11/17/2021 c35 Chaney2250
You're Back, You're Back! Great job. I know you said you had a hard time, but you did great! Can't wait to see more when you get a chance.
11/17/2021 c35 OneWhoReadsTooMuch
It's enjoyable to see Lily's thoughts on Rhaegar and Lyanna and how their stupidity just brought chaos on them all. If somehow the Targaryen army did win there's the interesting question of how do you hold the crown prince accountable for what happened? Clearly the Crown would HAVE to smooth over all of the messed up relationships with their Noble Houses. Definitely looking forward to the return of Ned and Robert.
11/17/2021 c35 29Boris Yeltsin
Loving it. It's been a while.
11/17/2021 c35 32jumpingmanatee
I loved this chapter. I'm so happy for Lysa, she deserved better. I hope that younare able to update soon, I look forward to seeing how the war turns out and if Lily can save Elia and the children. I am curious to know if Jon will be born.
11/17/2021 c35 Nikki
Thank you so much for this chapter! I can’t wait for what you have in store for us
11/17/2021 c35 BriSha01
Y que paso con la otra dama, la de Dorne?
11/17/2021 c35 NobleHumanRocks
I loved your description of Lily's reactions to the deaths. I'm looking forward to the meeting with Lily and the eloped couple, if this story gives them one.
11/17/2021 c35 17Child of Dreams
Is Lily going to apparate Elia and the children to Dorne when King's Landing is sacked?
11/17/2021 c35 FuryJoe
great story
11/17/2021 c35 2merendinoemiliano
Lovely chapter
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