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6/1/2023 c39 rmw5763
This a great story. I hope you don't lose interest in it. Reading great unfinished stories make me not read anything else from the Author. Please continue this.
5/29/2023 c39 McReefa
Just found this story and binged the whole thing. Really awesome, hope you come back to update soon. Can't wait for Queen Lillian Baratheon.

I have noticed that quite frequently sentences will be missing the word 'not' or similar making some sentences the exact opposite of what they should be and immediately contradicted by the context they're in.
5/2/2023 c39 Shahzeb
i wish the the MC had more personal goals or traits than simply her relationships with guys. its pretty shallow characterization. a modern plus magical woman in westeros and she has barely achieved or changed the world in 39 chapters and almost 18 years. like a comment below said, its like she's a spectator of her own life. in contrast when i read Harry potter or fem Harry in westeros fanfic the impact on the world is much more obvious and realistic.
i still can't believe she didn't even lift a finger or put a simple charm to help Elbert, the plot is pretty much rail roaded anyways its your choice as a author
4/25/2023 c39 KalisB21
Update. Update. Update.
4/11/2023 c39 1Lord Damon Darkfyre
I look forward to your future updates!
4/8/2023 c39 kageknuser2710
Thanks for the chapter! Really looking forward to your work :D
4/8/2023 c38 kageknuser2710
I really love that you're doing Doran justice. The show really messed up his character. Awesome work!
4/8/2023 c37 kageknuser2710
What if I told you that Ned... had that dawg in him?
*Chef's kiss*
4/8/2023 c36 kageknuser2710
Dang, my heart was in my throat for the entire chapter!
4/8/2023 c35 kageknuser2710
Katie! Stop making me cry xD I love and hate it hahaha
4/8/2023 c34 kageknuser2710
I knew this was going to happen, yet I am still crying... Elbert was such a good guy.
4/8/2023 c30 kageknuser2710
A miscarriage is always a tragedy, but I am also kind of glad that you showed it. It is an entirely normal thing that unfortunately happens for a lot of pregnant women, especially during their first pregnancy. I am not really used to seeing it written, but I think you did it justice. Well done!
4/8/2023 c25 kageknuser2710
Rhaegar should just go die...
Thanks for the story so far! It's been vexing, funny, and super interesting!
4/8/2023 c17 kageknuser2710
Argh Elbert and Lily is such a nice pairing!
4/8/2023 c7 kageknuser2710
Ugh, Lily is as blind with Petyr as she was with Severus xD I really feel sorry for both of them
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