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4/8/2023 c30 kageknuser2710
A miscarriage is always a tragedy, but I am also kind of glad that you showed it. It is an entirely normal thing that unfortunately happens for a lot of pregnant women, especially during their first pregnancy. I am not really used to seeing it written, but I think you did it justice. Well done!
4/8/2023 c25 kageknuser2710
Rhaegar should just go die...
Thanks for the story so far! It's been vexing, funny, and super interesting!
4/8/2023 c17 kageknuser2710
Argh Elbert and Lily is such a nice pairing!
4/8/2023 c7 kageknuser2710
Ugh, Lily is as blind with Petyr as she was with Severus xD I really feel sorry for both of them
4/8/2023 c3 kageknuser2710
I am calling bullshit on Baelor the Blessed being anything but batshit crazy. His madness was just different, and not necessarily cruel. He is just lucky that the Faith and Maesters liked him and thus the histories around were nice. She is doing a Hermione by allowing confirmation bias to cloud her judgment.
4/6/2023 c39 lightwalnut64
some plot holes: where's ashara? queen rhaella? I love your works btw <3 update soon!
3/30/2023 c39 nshaikh281
Enjoyed reading this story till here and eagerly waiting for your next updates.
3/12/2023 c39 4Trado
Found this story the other day and just got caught up on it. I'm loving it but I hate that now I have to wait to see what happens next, especially since it looks like Lily's about to make an extremely important decision. Personally, I hope she agrees for more than a few reasons.

Robert and she have talked before and were at least okay together. They both hate Lyanna and Rhaegar for their actions during the war but they both like Ned and, if they marry, he will become family for both since Cat's already married him. I would also think that, even though Robert's not getting the girl he wanted, he'd still feel much better about marrying Lily than he would Cersei. And all this is without even mentioning all the political advantages.

The biggest disadvantage I can see is that Tywin will be angered and insulted over his daughter being passed over again, but he doesn't have any real leverage to argue this time around. His army sacked King's Landing and they captured Aerys, but they did nothing else during the rebellion and almost all the other great houses that were on the winning side would feel much better about Lily becoming Queen than they would a Lannister. I also hate Cersei more than almost any other character so if she doesn't become Queen this time around it'll put a smile on my face.

As for the rest of the story, I've really enjoyed it up to this point with all the different twists and turns the story has taken, especially with Elia having two girls this time I was not expecting that to happen. Nor was I expecting Lyanna to survive this time around. Actually, there's a lot that happened in this story that I didn't expect so I'll just end it with five words.

Keep up the great work!
3/11/2023 c1 Tyfli barda
A well written story yet lacks any defining trait or character makes it a pretty boring read, especially with the premise of a reincarnation of a somewhat well known character that is Lily Potter. Trouble starts with a supposedly reincarnated and (aware) Lily yet behaves so childish and bratty and kinda spoiled, did she ever grow up despite being 21 years of age when she died? For a supposed prodigy she does nothing to emphasize that trait except that she can read a lot of books, and argue well not that awe inspiring, don't you think? No innovations, no talented planning, yet whines about the unfairness of being a (noble)woman in Westeros yet does nothing exceptional to change her own future than play the willful Tomboyish daughter of a Higlord Lyanna 2.0. And then the main problem she is a well known character that is defined like Harry Potter, that is a “boy who lived” and a Wizard. She was once regarded as a once in a lifetime Prodigy that excelled in potions and magic yet does neither until much later except read more books and whine even more about the unfairness of it all. This could have been more accepted if this was a OC characterization instead of a reincarnation of a well known character. And then the pairing with Robert the manwhore Baratheon,really, is she really that into bullies and bad boys that she falls in love with that disease ridden boisterous and shallow manchild? Yeah boring and yet another fanfic about a character that specialized in magic but does very little magic, pass on this one.
3/10/2023 c39 5CupcakeLoopy
I've been reading you fic since the very beginning, and decided to re-read it this week, after you updated, to refresh my memory. So here are some of my impressions, I hope they'll be helpful to you, moving forward into the story.
I feel like Lily's personality has morfed over the course of the story (not that it's a bad thing, it means she had some character growth), she started as a very free spirited not wanting to be tied down by anything or anywone, but along the course of the war, she started becoming somewhat conservative in the sense that she criticized Luanna and Rheagar about their decision to run away from everything to be together. While I understand her anger towards the two, because it led to war, I feel like she would have been more sympathetic, given that she also has reservations of conforming to such a backwards society (though she did). And I'm not so sure there was an event that led to such a drastic change in her personality.
by the end of the war, (if you discount when they escaped the capital, she'd been somewhat complacent toward the whole war, choosing to remain in the capital and instead of having a more protagonistic approach (I'll confess that when you started the war arc, I really though Lily would jump headfirst into the war effort, but that's not the what you had in mind).
So there's been a change in her behavior, and that stood out to me especially in this last chapter, when she showed insecurity towards becoming queen. I understand that she never craved power, but I feel like she would have jumped to the many ideas she's had over the course of the story to better the realm, if she had the power to do so.
I do have a question about the length of the story: do you intend to take it all the way to the GOF main timeline (with clear alterations to canon because of Lily's impact), or will it end somewhere after marrying Robert? Not gonna lie, I imagined a battle between Lily and Deanerys, and it left my pretty psyched.
anyway, I'll continue reading, because I'm a fan of your works, and you write beautifully, Katie. I hope you find the inspiration you need to write and update the next chapter.
3/9/2023 c39 21bionsena
Love this story so much!
3/2/2023 c39 1Asters
loving this!
2/28/2023 c39 2wsbenge
Robert is the logical choice for the nation, and Lily is the logical queen. It will be interesting to see how you weave them together, and get ready for the menace behind the wall. Also curious how you incorporate dragons to burn the menace.

Baelish is a fundamental creep.
2/28/2023 c15 wsbenge
A wonderful AU tale. Baelish is still a creep. Robert isn't self absorbed yet. The Assassin Guild tried twice, and are still well hidden. Largest suspects are the Faith Militant and the Maesters who don't care for the Dragons and their magic.
2/27/2023 c3 Venus914
I just hate Lily
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