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2/27/2023 c2 Venus914
Why bring her own beliefs and prejudices?
2/27/2023 c1 Venus914
She didn't think about her son Harry?
2/25/2023 c39 2winterwolf23543
An unconventional pairing, honestly, you did a risky route, and curious how this relationship works.

Robert rare character development perhaps, by gods and mercy above, hope it happens.
2/25/2023 c39 RandoMando47
There is a bunch I could nitpick, and a decent amount I’m confused by (Would have expected Lily to make more runes for buildings and enchanted items and what happened to the Valyrian steel staff/dual sword she got), but at the end of the day I like the relationships you’ve written. The butterflies so far have been surprisingly small so I’m looking forward to seeing what you do now that things are going wildly off course. Thanks for the fun story.
2/24/2023 c1 Valdiusmacto
Pity, seemed like an interesting idea until I read the pairing. There's no conceivable way someone like Lily would tolerate someone whose hilariously misogynistic and utterly, appallingly disrespectful to women. There's a reason Lyanna wanted nothing to do with the brutish barbarian.
2/24/2023 c3 Fictional Liberator
She is just Lyanna Stark or whatever her name is. You know the one Robert loved?
2/22/2023 c39 18PhaedraZev
Good chapter. It's an offer beneficial for both parties. I can now see how the pairing works out.
2/20/2023 c14 irgendwe
wasn't completely finished with the last comment, accidentaly sent it, so a continuation:
"ooh, a suspicious person, probably just some random innocent guy, no need to worry even though he is imitating a statue"
and it takes her like a minute to realise that it is a assasin, and instead of using magic (I mean nobody saw the guy) she decides to hope that Oberyn notices her
what would she have done if he didn't?
2/20/2023 c14 irgendwe
while it is okay for it to be AU, I can't understand why Lily is so braindead... it's been less than a week since the last assasination attempt and she is likeooh, a suspicious person,
2/18/2023 c3 megamindwriter
Doesn't feel nor read like Lily Evans. More of an OC actually. It feels like the author is projecting their own biases onto this character. It would have been better to use an OC instead of butchering Lily's character.
2/18/2023 c36 Cyvasse
...No sense in the scene with two sworn men of Lannister attacking their liege's heir. Their lives would be forfeit the second they raised their sword to him, regardless of any instruction Tywin gave to capture and/or kill the princess. Lorch and Clegane would know better, they may be psychopaths but they aren't suicidal.
2/17/2023 c39 Wicked Neko
Ohhh, this is a very big decision for Lily... I mean, we know she'll end up with Robert eventually, but it's good to see how she processes and how she'll get to that conclusion.

Thank you for updating!
2/17/2023 c39 Blakeyblake5
Glad I stumbled across this <3 can’t wait for the next chapter good job
2/13/2023 c27 Moony159
there needs to come a point in her life where she thinks “hmm maybe it is a good idea to obliviate petyr so he doesnt use the fact i have magic against me” ….
2/13/2023 c23 1Adam Michael Daw
can we just kill Petyr? he is the worst character in GoT
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