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2/2 c38 Wicked Neko
Wow, Doran is SLY!

I'm happy that Lily gets a little breather before she's thrown to the sharks again. King's Landing is still a snake pit despite the new King... I wonder how that'll work out. I'm also wondering if Lily will be hunting for the wildfire caches and vanishing them? Seems like a very bad issue to just leave unattended.

Thank you for sharing! I'm really looking forward to more!
1/22 c38 2ExXiled
Doran is cold af but it's consistent with his character. He's a family man, yes. But the opportunity that Lily, someone who has all qualities of a good queen and is simultaneously loyal to house Martell, can't be ignore by a schemer like him
1/21 c12 ExXiled
Elia might unknowingly saved her life by picking Lily as a companion since under no scenario will the mountain be able to actually do anything against an accomplished witch (and Elia by proxy)
1/20 c38 thepandemonium
Love this story. I managed to finish the entire story in a day! Looking forward to the next update.
1/20 c22 Caldonia97
So she can take killing peoplewhether assassins or not) but can't take erasing a memory about an event that may get har killed or used by people?
12/13/2022 c38 2HPMARIE
wow, amazing story! I loved reading this!
I notice that you can be a bit of a pantser, though it works out beautifully for you! Sometimes you mention things that have already been explained in earlier chapters (example from this chapter would be the marriage between Ned and Cat, which you mentioned happening earlier but Lily apparently forgot about), but it doesn't detract from the story at all & I just change tenses in my mind so it seems like the information is simply being recalled again :)
Good luck with writing, I'm looking forward to the next time Robert & Lily meet!
(& happy holidays in advance!)
12/8/2022 c37 Guest
This is the first story I see that actually says the shit Lyanna has made. The nefarious consequences of her stupidity.
Usually authors portray her as the poor victim of fate. The tragic heroine, who just wanted to be happy. Honestly, it’s such a ridiculous notion. She had a hand in causing the war. End of story.
12/6/2022 c37 ja3419
Finally some one lays into Lyanna. Being a noble means you have duties and responsibilities. She due to her stupidity fucked over millions.
11/29/2022 c38 yorud
What is going to happen to Ashara? :(
11/29/2022 c35 yorud
Eddard has married Cat, *sigh I hoped Ashara/Ned. I wonder what her reaction will be
11/28/2022 c27 yorud
Lily irritates me a lot:

"She had never much liked sneaky around and listening at doors or through holes in the wall. It had always felt much too Slytherin to her."

How can I even call this, geez. The Hogwarts' houses are cool and all for the students but, Lily has already been an adult for how long now? *sigh. Lily needs to step up her game and very soon.
11/27/2022 c38 Guest
I didn't think Robert would be a good match for Lillian. He'd only bring her misery. She deserves better than a drunk whoremonger.
I hope she refuses and find her happiness somewhere else... I think she'd fit perfectly with Ned Stark. Ah, how I wish...

Maybe in the future you could write a spinoff with Lillian marrying Ned Stark. She'd be much more respectful and even dedicated to the Old Gods than Cat was in canon... No offense to Cat.

I'd love to see Robert denying a marriage to Lillian, then she'd marry Ned, her sister would marry another Lord. The thing is, with time Ned and Lillian would fall in love, have many children and prepare for the battle against the Dead, but before that, we'd have Robert coming to the North and seeing beautiful Lillian again, the woman he had rejected... And he'd regret. He'd be envious of her care for Ned, how his friend was so happy and in love with his wife; how beautiful and skilled their children were... He'd be quite envious.

Ned would not leave North, nor would any of his children, Lillian would make sure of that. Nothing a little Imperious combined with an Obliviate couldn't solve, but before she'd read the minds of the royals, see that Joffrey was fucked up person and think "nay, sir. This little psycho is not getting anywhere near my daughters".

Anyways, I just would really love to see a universe in which Ned and Lillian ended up together and lived in bliss, until the Walkers came. She'd raise her children well, teach them magic and how to defend themselves. There would be no Septas to poison young minds. There would be warging, greensight, adorable Direwolves and worshipping of the Old Gods, and the rebirth of strong magic in the North. Imagine how awesome it'd be to mix Lillian's magical blood with the blood of the First Men.

Oh, I really want to see Simp Ned Stark living in marital bliss with his beloved Witch wife and his beautiful magic children and unruly Direwolves. The kids would all be little wolves, fierce, loyal and brave in front of a challenge.

*Sighs* it'd be so nice and wonderful, till shit hit the fan of course. But the idea of Robert being jealous of Ned and completely forgetting about Lyanna... That would have been hilarious. Regretful Robert should be a tag. Envious Cersei as well. I could totally see her being jealous of Lillian's beauty and her almost perfect marital life, and her gorgeous and fierce children.

There would be no murder of Direwolves. No Ned going South, no daughters being sold... Nope. None of that. Her children would have a choice. Her beloved husband would remain by her side. No decapitation of Ned.

Anyways. Awesome story.
I just want Lillian to be happy, she's such an amazing young woman. She deserves the best, not to be used as a pawn.
11/26/2022 c38 Hariana Halone
You seem forgot that Petyr knows about Lily's magic even though he loves her he might try to blackmail her I hope Lily will make him forget she's magic Frankly for a muggle born raised with the status of the secret I find her a little too loose on these powers, she must learn to use these wordless spells too, she has enough power for that. Really it's very important that she forgets Petyr, it's true that reuniting the Baratheon and Targaryen dynasty with Raenys and the heir will be the best idea, Viserys and Dany would not have a foot to dance. You know, I see Lily as the executioner who will quietly eliminate the enemies of the Throne from her heirs, She might even kill Tywin Lannister to facilitate Jaime's return. Anyway, I can't wait to read more.
11/25/2022 c38 Zolar33
Well, if it's a choice between Cersei or Lillian, Doran doesn't really have any doubts
11/24/2022 c38 isa
si espero la siguiente
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