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11/10/2022 c38 5Light Lord Cybergate
Not sure I like Doran going all manipulative with someone who is an ally and a good friend...but it is believable...and even expected.

Everybody who plays the game has to be manipulative...seize the moment and be good at it, or they die.
It's just too bad Lily is the all important pawn...or queen in this case.
That said...what good will it do if the pawn has different ideas. It's not like lily is his daughter, so hr can't really order her to follow his plan. Nobody even asked her what she wants. Though I guess it won't make much of a difference, because Hoster will no doubt be all for it. In the end it is the way out and back into everybodies good graces. so the obvious best choice.

Either way...once this is over Dorne will owe Lily A LoT.
It may seem otherwise but SHE is actually doing THEM a favour by marrying it to become a queen or not. And I'm also pretty sure this decision won't impress a lot of other people either.

Cersei will hate it.
Tywin will hate it.
The remaining Targaryens will not like it either.
They will still want the throne back at the end of all of this.
To claim it they now have to kill the husband of the one that literally saved their lives. That's going to become very troublesome. Usually not a niece thing to do to your savior. .

On the bright side though (for Lily at least) IF the Targaryens do return and win, she and maybe her children are probably going to be safe from eventual execution. In the end, she may not be able to remain queen...hiwever, she will at minimum be pardoned and even given her own title and land to rule as a thank you for the Targaryen lives she saved and her loyalty to the now former princess.
She may even become a Targaryen princess in her own right if all the cards are played right.
11/10/2022 c38 snetto2013
What a wonderful chapter. Just because it was written and posted rsrs
I thought the fic had been dropped. I'm glad I was wrong.
As for the chapter, it was good, but I expected more when they ran into Oberyn on the road, some lines, something like that. It was all very narrated, I wanted to be in the moment, if you know what I mean. But it was a good chapter. I love that I have the same line of thinking as Doran. The idea of having Lilly as Robert's queen is something I've had since the beginning and when Elbert died it only got stronger. For it is something that gives, in a way, protection for Elia's children, and a possible way to give a way out of their claim to the throne with a possible marriage between one of Elia's girls and Lilly's heir. It would be complicated because of Robert, but I think Lilly could, including raising the children to be good, if Cersei was able to raise her children, the way she wanted, I think Lilly can, raise good children, and a very good heir to the kingdom. I imagine that not everything will be flowers, but I hope for good fun chapters to read in the future. I just ask that you don't disappear so much, and try to maintain a regularity, even if it's 1 chapter a month. It's good. That's it, thank you very much for the chapter. A hug
11/10/2022 c38 2merendinoemiliano
Very well done, cannot wait for your new ideas
11/9/2022 c38 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
11/9/2022 c38 Force Smuggler
11/9/2022 c38 1malinkody
I never liked Robert. He failed in his duties in every possible way. I wonder if Lily could tame him, or if she would even agree to such a thing. Thank you for the update. I enjoyed it.
11/9/2022 c38 jayod
Great read! Looking forward to Lily/Robert
11/9/2022 c38 17310868letsgo
Awesome! Can't wait for more.
11/9/2022 c38 EP
11/9/2022 c38 2marius1117
liked the update
11/9/2022 c38 17Child of Dreams
I love it!
11/9/2022 c38 MarMikaelson
11/9/2022 c38 Chaney2250
You're Back, YOU'RE BACK! I can't wait. I hope she puts Robert thru the wringer!
11/9/2022 c38 kingmanaena
this was a interesting read cant wait to read what happens next
11/9/2022 c38 17PhaedraZev
Ah, so THAT'S how this pairing happens. It certainly makes it realistic, in the sense that Lily wouldn't search for love by her own choosing. Especially after Elbert. Having Lyanna live is a smart choice, otherwise Robert would be... well, Robert. At least this way he can learn to get over his feeling for Lyanna without grieving her. Though I'm curious about the lack of news of Jon. Is he alive/born? Did Ned send him elsewhere so no one would suspect a male heir? Curious to hear what his situation is.

This is a great chapter. I like how you wrote Doran and how this plot is shaping up.
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