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5/20/2022 c36 Bogdan Gavrila
There is so much wrong in this chapter.
1. The idea of Elia being doomed, with Lily and her teleportation in front of her is being obtuse just for the sake of unnecessary drama.
2. Why the F... are they sneaking out of KL and riding horses to Dorne? When they can just teleport there directly?
3. Lorch and Clagane will NEVER attack the son of Tywin Lannister, EVEN.
4. The idea that Jamie is a traitor to his house because he killed Clagane and Lorch, is ridiculous. Jamie can kill a thousand Lorch and Clagane and Tywin will most likely congratulate Jamie.
If you want to make a AU at least take the time to set it up to make sense.
Not a good chapter, sorry.
5/20/2022 c37 Guest
I blame prince more than Lyanna, she is a 15 year old girl with big dreams. We all have them at that time. I always felt that he sweet talked her into running with him. Also, cannon Robert proved himself as bad husband and father material. That being said I love your story, every few weeks I return to it, and I can't wait for next update
5/20/2022 c34 Bogdan Gavrila
It's nice to see that Lily chose her high morale over that life of tens of people.
She could have ended this war before it started but chose not to. I want someone to call her out on this.
5/17/2022 c37 2DarkAngelLida
Ahhh that was so satisfying to read. Im sooo happy that you addressed that bullshit with Lyanna. Selfish is the least of what I would call her. The hypocrisy of not wanting robert and then running off with a married man just grated at me endlessly. No sis you dont get to do that and just become martyred when you are guilty of so much death and destruction. She's helen of troy except less pretty. She does not deserve to be queen not after all the people she got killed. agrh so annoying. I really want to see Robert call her out, I want Lily to finally meet with Robert again. Theres so much to look forward too. Now that the Robert has been crowned he will need a wife, and the eligible women are down to Lily, Cersei and Lyanna. Cant see robert choosing Lyanna after her actions unless he really thought she was kidnapped. Not sure if you will let the starks meet with Lily and Jaime in Dorne or itll happen in King landing. Either way I doubt Lily will stay in Dorne long without wanting to ensure that justice is served.
Will you let stannis take dragonstone again as per canon or will it go to the living targaryens as its their birthright. That would silence the loyalists for a bit there, and maybe to make peace with house martell one of Elia's girls would be betrothed to Robert's future heir to keep the targaryen blood in the royal family while effectively subduing them at the same time. That way they wont be used against them by their enemies. It will interesting to see the new court dynamics that will take shape. Robert is king, Lily is lady of house tully, the ho Lyanna is alive and may try to Jon Arryn will be hand and Twyin will try to insert cersei as queen but with Elia being attacked and then rescued everyone will know Tywin ordered them to kill the princesses. That will be interesting to see and then the trial of the madking will happen, and theres so much for lily and jaime to speak too in regards to what happened.

Ahh so many things to look forward too and i cant wait to read more. I dont even read of ffn anymore these days mostly a03 but this fic is one the only ones I specifically come back for. so thank you.
5/17/2022 c37 Dominika Kowalska1
When next ?
5/17/2022 c37 1Sakihinata
That's an awesome twist, to have Lyanna survive and face the consequences of her actions ;)
Poor Ned!
Also, I quite the friendship? that's developing between Jaime and Lily!
5/16/2022 c37 21Ptool
5/16/2022 c37 ReadLikeHermione
5/15/2022 c37 SILVERS
True life is not a fantasy. I like House Targaryen more than other houses, however if I an unbiased and in real novel the actions of Lyanna are similar to as depicted in this fanfiction then this is the least she and House Targaryen deserve. Human life matters equally be it the life of commoners or lords.

Novels shape thinking process and ideologies of youngsters. To value nobles above common people in these writings will enhance moral decay and promote selfish behaviors.
5/15/2022 c37 Guest97
Woooohoo another chapter! Thanks for the update! But yes finally Lyanna face the consequences of her actions! I love Canon Jon despite his flaws but honestly life was really tough for him especially when Ned was stuck in the mindset that Lyanna was taken against her will. Ah the beauty of fan fiction here at least Ned knows that Lyanna actually was a willing participant and that her actions cause a lot of grief and mayhem and death due to her selfishness and the prince ofc. I can’t wait to see now how Robert and Lily now’s come to play and Jamie’s role as well, given that he has no obligation to Lily to keep her magic secret or would he? I am interested to see how you would pan it out. Great chapter, looking forward to next one!
5/15/2022 c37 BelialCoster
I really like this twist I don't see many stories where any of them from this period make it out really looking forward to seeing how this plays out
5/14/2022 c37 CathyM4
Great chapter - good to see Ned take Lyanna to task for her utter selfishness and stupidity. Looking forward to Lily and all arriving in Dorne and meeting up with Oberyn and Doran.
5/14/2022 c37 khagler
Ned is only being harsh by modern standards. He's not a modern person, he's a medieval lord. From his point of view, he and his father went to the trouble of making a deal to sell Lyanna as a sex slave to spend the rest of her life being raped by his childhood friend, and she had the unmitigated gall to act like she's actually a person with value beyond that of livestock. Frankly, she's lucky he didn't just kill her for dishonoring her family-there's vast amounts of historical precedent (and modern precedent in more barbaric parts of the world) for just such an action.

What Ned doesn't seem to be paying enough attention to is _why_ he didn't know how the war started. It would have happened anyway, given the expected behavior of Brandon and Rickard, but he thought that the war started over stolen property, when it was actually over a runaway slave. He should be asking himself who told him that, and what the motive was.
5/14/2022 c37 Lovin it
Ned's not doing anything wrong. Two idiots caused a war that killed probably tens of thousands of people. And is risking starting another war that could kill tens of thousands more. All so Lyanna could 'escape' from a man who might cheat on his wife, to be with a man who definately cheated on his wife and abandoned his children. She deserves no mercy.
5/14/2022 c37 MissingIdeas
Yes! I can not stand stories when Lyanna is harold for following her "heart", when she's basically the exact same a Robert! Love that you decide she will face the consequences of her actions. Thanks is for updating!
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