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5/14/2022 c27 Guest
There are several things that are repeated in the story. The godmother issue is one of them. It can happen when a story take so long to come together. I suggest you read over what you have already written to help avoid this from happening.
5/14/2022 c37 GS
ooh! I'm so excited for the upcoming plot. Lyanna deserves to survive and face life long humiliiation. I want to see her feel attracted to Robert and watch him reject her for Lily. I like this awkward allyship that Jaime and Lily struck. Please update soon!
5/14/2022 c1 4Limited Imagination
Yes. This fic indeed hit different. It a delight to see that all actions have consequences.
5/13/2022 c37 7imaginesakura
Oh my gawd! I cant wait to see which decision Lyanna makes and what will happen to Elia and her children! Thank you for the update :)
5/13/2022 c37 RoselynFey
Honestly I'm so glad Lyanna survived just so we can see her facing the consequences of her actions. Also I read all this in one sitting it's 3AM and I'm tired but if you were to update right now, I'll be like what even is sleep
5/13/2022 c37 A
Love it! I look forward to your next update and I can’t wait!
5/13/2022 c37 jeremiahkelley93
Great job.
5/13/2022 c37 denniise
If they know that Aegon survived, how is Jon the heir? I mean he is the second son and the marriage between Lyanna and Rhaegar is questionable?
5/13/2022 c37 1Reina36
Lyanna having to face consequences? how novel
love it!
5/13/2022 c36 Reina36
whoa changes are happening
5/13/2022 c37 MalSer
Oh, this is going to be SO fun! More please!
5/13/2022 c37 Guest
Ned is not being harsh at all. He is fulfilling his duty. Let’s face it, Lyanna was a fool and selfish woman who didn’t give a damn about the consequences of her actions. Ned said only the truth, as paint as it was.
5/13/2022 c37 Basker
I’m glad Lyanna isn’t getting a pass here. It’s unfair that women have to marry who their fathers choose but what’s more unfair is running off with the married Prince and starting a war that claims the lives of thousands plus half your own family. Lyanna not even being remorseful makes me feel SICK. I guess her choice will make it clear what she’s feeling. The way I see the two options Ned has given her: Either she knows she did wrong and is guilty so goes to Robert or refuses to see her misdeeds and will run off with Howland where she can plot for her kid…

I find it appropriate that Ned has set down this ultimatum. She WILL be married off because there’s no place for her in Winterfell after what she’s done. Ned saw his family die infront of his eyes… of course all that grief rose up when he saw stupid Lyanna just sitting there like everything was fine.

I wonder if Ned will be harder on his own kids when they grow up. I doubt Sansa will be allowed to go about life thinking it’s a story now.
5/13/2022 c37 mynameistoolong
This story is definitely ramping up to that Lily and Robert meet up and I cannot wait. I’m really interested to see how you are going to characterize him and how they get betrothed. I think the fact Lyanna did not die and I’m assuming going to refuse to marry him will at least make him let go of the “what could have been” aspect for him and Lyanna. It’s easy to remember someone a certain way that you want after they have passed. Now he has to face that she does not want to be with him.

I admit to being on the fence about Lyanna and the treatment of her. I don’t know if you aged her up in this story but in canon wasn’t she 14 when Rhaegar crowned her, a man already in his twenties? I know what was considered acceptable is different but a 14 to 16 year old is still a child no matter what time period or world, in my eyes.

Did she make terrible decisions? Yes, but she was also a child, groomed and coaxed by one of the most powerful men in the realm. She was promised to a man she did not want to be with, then a good looking prince comes in showing interest in her, making promises, telling her prophecies and how she’s part of it, that he loves her…a 14/15 year old girl…the power dynamics is so skewed and Rhaegar reads as a predator to me.

When I hear people talk about Lyanna and condemn/blame her for everything or consider her equally responsible as Rhaegar, I think about my nieces around that age and how naive and childlike they still are and how much harm an older pretty man making false promises to them could do. Also, I do not expect 14 to 16 years old to be more mature, their children, let them be children. Time and experience is what makes you more mature and gives you the ability to make better decisions.
5/13/2022 c37 30Engineer4Ever
Ah, catharsis! Good on her for living, but now? Open palm to face to wake up. Hello real world, she doesn’t get her fantasy ending.
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