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for The Potioneer's Assistant

7/11 c17 Cwhit930
Good story. Always a fan of a smart Harry fic. Thanks for the share
7/2 c11 rsroar1017
Kinda gross that snape is shown to be good while he murder, probably raped,and torture people along with the other death eaters!
4/29 c11 3Steve-Arkarian
If Harry's house had wards against letting magicals with ill intent onto the property, then how was Dumbledore able to get onto the property and into the house? Or when he set them up did he make an exception for himself, then? And when Dumbledore came back to set up the ugly vase that made the Dursley's angry, I'm guessing that's probably when he included Hedwig in the mail redirect ward? Because he only got Hedwig before his first year.
2/28 c17 guest
Absolutely wonderful. Luna deserves help, and I can gleefully imagine the scorches that will befall some bullies at Hogwarts. It may not be necessary, though. With Dumbles and all his machinations gone, maybe all the Heads of House will do their jobs for a change.

Thanks for the fic!
2/28 c16 guest
Great resolution. Very few auths who use a bad Dumbles think of assigning him that prophetic role. Only one other I've seen thought of using the Room of Hidden Things as a money source (sorry, can't remember reference). Rare insight.
2/27 c14 guest
So more people are learning about the scar's Horcrux. Dumbles's ravings will expose whole buckets of worms.

Let's hear it for Neville! he's one of my favorite characters and very underused by most. His thoughts about the mandrakes are inspired but in retrospect obvious. (I'm a gardener; the canonical mandrake repotting method is guaranteed to kill almost any real plant.)
2/27 c11 guest
This is the only fic I've read where Dumbles is truly nuts rather than just nasty. Interesting idea. I hope Snape gets out of his office unharmed.

Re. last chapter, this is also the only fic that has anyone mention that Dumbles's smarmy "greater good" mantra was used first by Grindelwald. Kudos!
2/27 c1 guest
Rereading with pleasure.
1/3 c17 42EdTheBeast
An excellent, cute must read. Both Dark Lords gone by summer end, first year!
10/24/2021 c17 UnusualDemigod
I totally agree with Luna getting Fawkes she deserves it and I feel like it's a good friendship
10/4/2021 c17 Wicked Kisses
Very sweet story.
9/25/2021 c4 Guest
harry os a bit of a ponce... just throwing his potioneer assistant status everywhere. sorry but this story is not for me wish you the best of luck tho :)
9/25/2021 c3 Guest
harry speaks so formally...
8/30/2021 c11 12Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
Congraturations! Wow... oO

I didn't remember which fic that said they were aiming for dumbledore-bashing, but it must have been yours, and BOY did you manage THAT! O.O


I mean... I have seen dumbledore being written as all manners of illogical evil and selfish, but YOU manage to skip straight past evil and make him compleatly Insane!

And his insanity makes the Joker look positivly sane by comparason!

Of course, he does sound a bit like the cardboard Villain Stephen King warns us about in his book "On Writing", but that's pretty common in fanfiction, really.

That, and the Mary Sue tendencies aside... this is quite a good fanfic. And VERY entertaining to read. _
8/7/2021 c17 erstwhile-S
I finished reading ‘A pinch of salt’ just a few hours ago and wanted to start on your live story next. Thought I’ll read the previous version first though and here I am, having zipped through it. This is also an interesting concept, with Harry getting some help from competent adults surreptitiously, which improved his home life tremendously without disrupting it. The group of friends excelling in their respective chosen interests was heartwarming, as was Snape letting go of his animosity and paving the way for Harry’s success. Off to the sequel now. Thanks!
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