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4/26 c36 1RSin the Emprahh 23
Good to see that you still continue with the story/smut-fest. considering Takato buldozed Espada/Hollow faction already i hope it doesn't take you to long till you get to the part were he meets with the Quincy faction/wanderreich; especially with the femritters and 2/3 more female quincys that were introdused within the tybw arc(Izumi, Kanae and the NQA). and lastly; no genderswapping pls! it's far more cringy than hot...
3/13 c36 Mikeblade
thanks for writing
2/20 c1 Guest
W T Actual F? fucking weirdo pedo author
2/9 c1 Jojo2424
More updates please
2/6 c14 Guest
Make a chapter with a futa takato ,like him becoming curious and decides to try, to feel both genders.
1/28 c36 waytodawn0
As a quick thing, Lena is actually Lex’s sister in DC canon this to the comment that was below. Though it seems that she might’ve taken the place of Lex or mercy is her bodyguard instead of her brother’s.
1/28 c36 Stratos263
What a way to stick to Lex luthor
1/20 c7 Mikeblade
thanks for writing this story
1/20 c5 Mikeblade
fun chapter guessing nero is the roman emperor who set half of rome on fire then played music while it burned to the ground and was considered one of if not the worst emperor rome ever had.

that anime that nero comes from is really weird lot of female version of people who where male. onwards to the next chapter
1/7 c1 NightmareKnight1
The fuck did I just read. I get wanting porn with plot, but like... this is excessive. And it's not even well written. Lots of spelling and grammar mistakes, general wish fulfillment and the sudden "And then everyone fucked like animals". Just... what the fuck. It reads like either a pre-teen's idea of a sexual fantasy or a 40 yo with zero actual experience with women (Or people in general, tbh). Was interested in the stuff up until Medea started fantasizing about some random made up backstory when it became clear this was just personal fap material you decided to share.
1/6 c35
I hope he rails some dinos
1/6 c35 Guest
well that takes care of most of Aizen's army and support
1/6 c35 Stratos263
Well another area conquered
1/5 c35 PasiveNox
1/5 c35 Harbinger of Mayhem

This is and always was my favorite story
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