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3/13/2023 c15 BlazeStryker
I wish the downers hadn't spoiled your tale for you. I wish you the best of luck.
3/12/2023 c12 BlazeStryker
Will he speak in commercials? (Junkions from the Transformers franchise)
4/5/2022 c1 Guest
Giving the system sentience? Cliche and tiring bullshit overused concept. Seriously check as many fucking gamer stories there are dumbass, use your brain, stop and think for a minute why this story isn’t getting many readers compared to others, think for fucks sake, WHY. I need to open your fucking eyes to this bullshit, I’m tired of coming across stuff like this and trying to be helpful, but the little writers fucks don’t give two shits about anything. I’ve been ignored being nice so why the fuck should I continue being so.
10/7/2021 c6 Brandon Boodoo
Drop Drop Drop... wtf!
8/12/2021 c2 Cheesh
I'm just gonna say that the system gives out stat points way too much. Like it's giving it away like it's candy.
7/18/2021 c15 LionLordEscanor
Ah well. It was a fun read while it lasted.
7/18/2021 c14 LionLordEscanor
So, why was Eros released and possessing the character when Odin is in the sword still? And in previous chapters wasn't there something about needing to force the gods to treat mortals with respect or make them swear not to interfere unless directly called upon due to Odin's explanation of how shitty and apparently cannibalistic they were towards humans?
7/18/2021 c9 LionLordEscanor
I feel like even with exp sharing, you should get more than 2 levels for beating something like a boss that's 25 levels above you. Good story so far though, even if I feel like its pacing is a bit weird.
3/26/2021 c13 SvenTheDecoy
ever thought about making his semblance a sacred gear? canis lykaon or annihilation maker? incinerate anthem would make him OP as F, but would be fun to read. he'd level up in no time and get that world jump before the breach
3/26/2021 c13 SvenTheDecoy
sensual apology? did they make out? you desperately need a proofreader.
3/26/2021 c4 SvenTheDecoy
enjoying the story, but you could use a beta to clean up some of the spelling and grammar issues
2/14/2021 c15 Karazik
This went from mildly interesting to pure grade A garbage really fast. I hope this was written on the fly and not planned out to be so horribly bad. Better luck on your next story
1/21/2021 c12 Guest
Seems a bit unrealistic that he gained such good leadership quality out of nowhere and that 8 greenhorns were able to kill an Original where whole armies failed.
1/21/2021 c5 truekern
Am loving this story but the grammar is killing me. You need a beta reader
1/19/2021 c15 oscarojeda62
solo sigue con la historia, olvida los comentarios de la gente y solo toma en cuenta las sugerencias constructivas, como separar mas los parrafos o incrementar los dialogos
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