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1/29/2020 c7 Bkworm4life4
This was an excellent story. I loved the glimpses into Eliot's past and how you showed that the rift was not just one incident, but a series that built up. I will have to check your work to see if you wrote a follow-up and if you didn't, please think about doing so! One of the many reasons I was sad it was cancelled was that they were just starting to explore what made Eliot who he was. I loved how you show how Eliot considers his job, taking care of the "family" not just on the job but as a whole. I laughed out loud when I read the part of Parker's note, Eliot's comment about it and how Parker replied that Sophie told her she should be "more polite". Keep up the good work :)
2/5/2019 c7 WolfhoundLove1
You did a really good job on y this longer story. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.
8/9/2018 c2 Soquilii
Technically this might be considered a 'hurt comfort' chapter but your method dispenses with that rather tedious plot device, replacing it with a warm, caring, gentle scenario between two people who will never have anything between them but true friendship. It was a joy to read. On to more, as soon as I get some chores done! (How I wish I was Parker in that scene, sick or not!)
8/9/2018 c1 Soquilii
Eliot picking the lock with skill but not with Parker's speed - perfect. I'm really enjoying this and you have the characters down pat! From being unable to read Parker in the beginning he's pretty privy to her thought processes now! Off to read more!
6/22/2018 c7 8Pacacapa
I love love LOVE what you did with Eliot and his family! Very understandable fight with his dad. I like the touch that it wasn't a single incident that set off the whole thing, but a lifetime of minor issues. A lot of resentment can build over that much time, especially if nobody says anything about it, and eventually, it gets explosive. The relationship with Lizzie is also very touching. I love the close sibling bond you have created.

Now I REALLY want to know what that suicide job was, and why he was on it. And why you brought it up. Surely you will elaborate in a future story? Right? Please?

Beautiful way to tie this into The First David Job, by the way.

AND YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE THAT PHONE CALL HANGING! It's just cruel. Well, at least you know I will be neurotically checking your profile looking for your new stories.

This story is a masterpiece. Thank you so much for sharing, and I look forward to all of your future projects!
6/22/2018 c6 Pacacapa
I just realized I never posted reviews to the last two chapters of this amazing story! Can I just say this whole chapter is the best part of this chapter? You really nailed Eliot's need to be the one who gets hurt, but you did just as well with Parker's independence and solo nature. I loved the explanation of Parker's fear of being unneeded and unwanted. You really dug deep into that girl's insecurities, and it turned out so well.

Also wanted to mention Eliot's unfolding backstory. It is extremely well done. I love the point about Eliot losing himself in taking care of his family, and I can definitely see that happening with Leverage as well.

Wonderfully done!
1/20/2018 c7 2abstractwords
Managed to finish it on my break at work. Loved the ending.
1/20/2018 c1 abstractwords
Ohhh love this start. :)
1/2/2018 c7 28Gilbert H. Karr
Finally got around to reading the last chapter. Love it. I always thought Eliot had met his nephew. In the job where they are trying to save Nate's old church, he says his nephew would love Bibletopia. That makes me think that he either knows his nephew, as in has hung out with him, or that he is in touch with his sibling. But, that's not something that would be casually mentioned on the phone, so I'm thinking he's met his nephew.

Anyway, great story. Will review chapter by chapter when I get the chance. Looking forward to others.

12/3/2017 c7 33ColorOfAngels
This was lovely. I love the fact that his deepening relationship with Parker healed something him enough to reach out to his sister :)

I also really like how you bridged the gap from the 12 step job to intervention in the first david job and it actually having been Parker's idea.

Thanks for writing this!
11/29/2017 c7 20blueskydog
This is definitely one of my favorite Leverage fics:) the ending was perfect and I love how it fits between the episodes (it makes sense Nate would binge right after being deprived for days). Love the friendship between Eliot and Parker, and Hardison's investigation-the conversation with him and Eliot while they're both making food seems straight out of an episode. And I love how the story ties into Eliot's past and he finally decides to call Lizzie. Yay!
Great story!
11/28/2017 c7 24sapienlover
Oh, how bittersweet! You've caught Eliot's anguish over his family so beautifully, and also the shame so obviously felt in The Big Bang Job. But you ended it perfectly. Parker back to her crazy-normal, and Eliot taking the plunge. And of course Nana plays bingo. Lovely. Just lovely. Thank you.
11/5/2017 c6 33ColorOfAngels
Poor Parker, she had a really rough night :( I just want to bundle her up in a blanket and feed her soup. And poor Eliot when he gonna realize he's worth caring for too :( He deserves a blanket too...
10/31/2017 c6 Yammy1983
Love it!
10/25/2017 c5 ColorOfAngels
I loved Parker's polite note, I'm sure the police will appreciate the etiquette :D
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