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10/2 c1 CHILD PORN
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10/2 c71 Kylo Ren
Pour quand la mise à jour de Naruto et Fairy Tail ça fait longtemps qu'il n'y a pas eu de mise à jour et j'adore cette histoire je veux connaître la suite
23h c71 King0fP0wers
I'd be all in for Eddy swooping in there, kicking everyone's asses and turning those bloodsuckers into a proper cult.
10/3 c71 Reasonable man
Poor Naruto, he sent Cecily back to Alcanretia in the bag, now he is being sent in the bag.
10/2 c71 Golden Wind God
10/2 c71 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
10/2 c71 Dasgun
10/1 c71 24NewMystery356
The Axis Cult… The horror…
Although, this DOES offer interesting opportunities for a counter strike. I hope Kazuma comes to regret not getting off that wagon.
10/1 c71 Spellbat
... That went to hell really fast...
10/1 c7 Shen1412
Poor Kazuma, despite having high LCK stat, Aqua might have negated that for being an idiot
10/1 c70 Conan.212
Ok I dont get it.
How can Kazuma leran Narutos Jutsus? It need Chakra, not Mana.

Means that, he can learn also the Rasengan?
10/1 c71 Paradoxity
Great chapter :)
10/1 c71 scl04
It’s great to see a new update, a fun one though with a turn of events that can only mean trouble for our protagonists as Naruto knows.

The chapter began very well with Naruto experiencing a more “normal” time at the succubus cafe, him having such a good time there that he actually is the one that costs Kazuma’s party (the seductive demonesses have become more crafty with her methods of getting the shinobi to be more around them apparently, or maybe it was just Naruto’s fault completely which wouldn’t really be surprising LOL.

Then he stumbles upon Chris, who seems quite on guard to not be the butt of a joke again…I can’t blame her given her past record XD, and it seems like she has plans for Naruto after he and Kazuma have their adventure…I’ll have to wait and see what the not-goddess in disguise has in store (she doesn’t seem to have lost her mind with Eddie just yet, so good for her :P).

Afterwards the shinobi reunites with the troublemakers (including Wiz ;D), in which he fits in perfectly of course, and before he reveals that they lost their transport due to having a good time drinking Aqua appears living up as a maid in hopes of getting some ramen in her belly at last…we’ll have to wait and see if she’s successful but for the time being the party has to go through Alcanretia which Naruto isn’t fond of to say the least and the rest will learn why (Aqua being able to apprehend Naruto when it comes to see the city of her followers was a surprise from the useless goddess but I can see it happening funny enough).

So now wait to see how they manage to survive and probably see Cecily again, thanks for all of your hard work as always!
10/1 c71 Samuel Santillan
I like it, good chapter.
Without a doubt things don't seem to get better for Naruto, it wasn't like that.
Meeting Chris was a stroke of luck for Naruto, but in the end that silly goddess and her Naruto-obsessed priestess apparently got him into trouble again.
Let's hope that Kazuma doesn't regret it at the end of this trip, who I want to fool, even if things go well and they get rid of his debt, there will be something that will make Kazuma regret having gone.
Chris is part of Naruto's Ahrem, right?
10/1 c71 Crimson Riot 01
Super cool, i love it
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