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11/14/2021 c2 E
Well, this is dead an buried, but I like the concept.
I assume later on Megatron would be able to access his true form through a sacred gear or something, that's what I'm getting from this. I suppose the dreams could just be PTSD, but usually Sacred Gear users have dreams spurring them towards using their abilities. That, and it would have been extremely dumb to keep him as a human. What the fuck would be the point, then?
Overall, well written but unlikely to ever be expanded on.
8/14/2020 c2 WolKaiserdrake
rias is just the dumbest character half the time, even in the show she didn't think things out, but aside from that, I hope to more of this some day
3/11/2020 c2 Abrams 1559
I hope megatron becomes super powerful it I'd weird to see him weak.
3/11/2020 c1 Abrams 1559
Please continue this story it has so much potential also for future decepticons shockwave and soundwave would be cool.
10/31/2019 c2 6Sos Dovah
In regards to the question of a pairing, I don’t really think any of the DxD characters could properly relate to the former Decepticon Warlord. However should you decide to bring in any other Cybertronians then a pairing could be made. But that is up for you to decide.

Now I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of this fic and I am enjoying myself quite a bit. I am looking forward to more, and if I could make a suggestion I would like to see some other Decepticons join him. In particular his eyes and ears Spundwave.
12/23/2017 c2 2WolkaiserDrake
the problem with devils, they see everyone as a potential slave and jumpping to conclusions far too quickly and blaming the victim rather than taking responsibility, I always hate that about dxd, but its a given

nice first 2 chapters
11/14/2017 c2 Guest
It would be interesting to see megatron was paired with raynare and joined with the fallen angle side still cant wait for more;)
11/14/2017 c2 JAKEkenstein
I think Megatron should not have a harem but issei should also hoping for Megatron x Raynare pairing.
11/9/2017 c2 Ahhhh
Don't Die on me Man. Please make the next chapter
11/8/2017 c2 Guest
Perhaps we can have this Megatron be more Realistic?

From my understanding of the Anime/manga of Highschool DxD

is that Rias Gremory is sort-of spoiled coddled since birth really, so she has no (true) idea of what

(war) is along with the fact that while they may not openly say it,
But their still just as much the "greedy" devil's that they claim not to be aghem,

Megatron should virtually be against everyone!

Against Rias for her own coddled behavior with her peerage and family upbringing,

Against Sirzechs for his position and trying to win favor through promise's
megatron himself knows to be false,

and well...yeah, Megatron vs. Virtually everyone Khaos brigade included.

The only like minded individual i can see for him is Azazel

Azazel' personality as described by the fandom wiki is a combined similarity of
Shockwave styled logic, Optimus prime styled charisma & leadership
Soundwave styled loyalty all-in-all Azazel should be the one

Megatron turns toward most of the time even while going against all of them

and technically Megatron has already been "reincarnated" due to the dark energon
(if this truly involves the megatron of TF:Prime)...
10/26/2017 c2 Sideswipe
Ha! That buckethead got what he deserve!
10/12/2017 c2 Guest-Questioner

Too reiterate,

Megatron is older then their (planet) so he (virtually) outclasses ALL of them by far.

Megatron getting even (ONE) female, not likely because he refuses bonds of all kinds,
maybe kindred spirit even a handful of them but NO RELATIONSHIP'S!

With his might MAYBE he could be issei' trainer but nothing more.

If this is meant as his redemption perhaps this could be a slow-burn for him to re-awaken
Megatronus the friend and ally of orion pax, the cybertronian who dreamed of a better future
for his people before he lost his way.

For simplicity' sake:

Name-sama basically its Sir and/or madam NOT dependent on gender can done for all
terms of respect

Name-san the average term used by everyone of equal - older age's mostly male's

Name-chan mostly for female's in a semi-relationship position but also for younger girl's too

Name-Kun mostly its a girls term for boy's but can also be said by other guys
out of brotherly respect

Onii-chan Big brother Onee-chan Big sister
10/7/2017 c2 Guest
I believe you should not paired Megatron with anyone...he is so different than any character in the dxd universe...also they are all pretty much huge idiots and more...Megatron need a character that can match His character an saddly none of them can match his personality. Can I ask a question will Megatron still have the Unicron
9/26/2017 c2 Guest-Questioner
Issei would be the primary reason for the series itself but Megatron would be more of their

as in the Gremory house' own, "special" backup. In a later part of series Issei gets that

Devil'Dragon Tannin as his trainer of sorts.

Megatron could also be one as his combat experience is as old as the other realm's themselves

Tannin included.

This would follow the anime/manga as intended, with issei being...himself.

Megatron with all his combat experience...well,

He's not evil but not good. Not your friend or your enemy, not a companion but not a rival, He may annoy you and hurt you, but you will turn TO him in a moment of desperation.

That is what this Megatron should be, in my eyes anyway

and the Harem idea is strictly issei, But that doesn't mean

megatron shouldn't at-least get the on/off admirer's once in a while, strictly platonic if you wish.

Megatron is a warrior he has seen AND caused disaster's

that would make that three-way war look like children throwing mere temper tantrum's.
9/26/2017 c2 Guest
I saw give him one. With everything he went through he deserves it. I recommends Rias, Akeno, Xenovia and Kuroka.
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