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10/18/2019 c1 Ivystorm zero
XD I am now a zero
5/16/2019 c1 Guest
oh yesssss ! do one where warriors get involved with the chamber of secrets
6/25/2018 c1 Messy and Silver
I am guessing Messyfur and Silverstar are Harry Potter and Dumbledore.
12/17/2017 c1 Shadow
Ah cooool! That weird baby thing is Voldemort and Messyfur is Harry and Silverstar is Dumbledore! And Bluestar is watching them! Wow, too many exclamation points.
10/20/2017 c1 26SLUG-CAT624
I always thought they were being watched...
9/25/2017 c1 10Ligerous Prime
Great job, Spots
9/20/2017 c1 Blob the Guest
Ayyy! It's the scene from Deathly Hallows after Harry 'dies' and he's talking to Dumbledore! Cool!

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