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2/27 c15 ultoriousflama
so... blonde and brown hairs in a tower that nobody goes in,?
2/25 c17 Crewers
I just found this story and i really enjoy it. one of the better gamer fanfics I've read recently. But, and i know its an exaggeration, sometimes it feels like half the chapters are spent with jon looking at quests. I get that he needs to keep them in mind, but to look at them every couple hours? is his memory that bad? Anyway, that's my only problem, or almost. Jon deciding to let go of the nights watch and the past, and to go south/east, but then every chapter he remembers Ygritte and he has to choose again? It's not a story breaking problem, but kind of just annoys me a little. Keep up the good work!
2/15 c1 Mr-Luca-Wolf
Time to restart the story because i barely remember anything
2/8 c32 33The Sithspawn
Technically broody Jon is broody of the lovesick variety... ;P

Anyway, good chapter! I sense that Jon will definitely be going after the Iron throne in the future.

Update again soon please!:)
2/8 c32 daniel.santiago.4545
Amazing chapter! can't wait for more!
2/8 c32 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
2/7 c32 GladiatorGreyman
I just finished my reread of this Fanfic. You wrapped up the Margery/Jon arc perfectly.
2/7 c32 SnowWallsUI
Good happyThe Margaery is finally gone. Hope that jon doesn't marry someone like that.
2/6 c32 4Lu Lu-Chan25
I really am a fan of JonxMargaery, but i hope that it is JonxMyrcella end game and maybe a RobbxMargaery instead. I want Myrcella to get justice, and she does have Targyrean blood if Robert is her father.
2/6 c32 vastoisshin
Well right now Jon is doing what I and possibly other people wanted. Like the possibility of raising an army against the dead. The chapter that featured Margery is really a meh to me still because there is too much naivety between them and considering what Jon is TRYING to prep for to which it seems almost concerning that wasn't the focus considering what's at stake, what happened this chapter does not really feel like a tragic tale. It feels like a plot point to get Jon back on track on his mission as it should be. Honestly it makes me question whether Jon should be King in the first place because if Jon does try potentially to become King, it should not be because of love no that would be doing it for the wrong reasons when the reasons, he should try in the first place if at all is to prep for the Long Night. The crown is a burden, and it carries a weight of blood. Jon needs to understand the larger picture besides himself. Everyone he ever loves Margery included lives are at stake he shouldn't be fumbling like he is now.
2/6 c32 cameron1812
Love the back and forth quests in this chapter which go along with Jon's poor tortured soul!
2/6 c32 moozga
Great chapter, can't wait to read more of it!
2/5 c32 2galwidanatitud
The love of a woman is as good as any to take crown.
2/5 c32 3Foxy-Floof
Wow... Jon really falls stupid, and hard, for someone when he does... poor, poor, stupid Jon.

Bless his heart. He needs all the blessings he can get.
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