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1/17 c19 Pirate Ninjas of the Abyss
Just one question. Why are they going to White Harbor then taking a ship to Moat Cailan and decending through the Neck? If you look at a map of Westeros thats a massive detour for almost no reason. Moat Cailan has no port to land in, and if your going all the way to White Harbor you would just take a ship straight to King's Landing, so whats the point of going to White Harbor? I expect the King's party would be going through the Neck by road to King's Landing otherwise they would need to abandon alot of the wagons and wheelhouses.
1/17 c19 Mystikjl
Always happy to see an update to this story! Still enjoying it and looking forward to seeing where it goes. I'm liking your take on Jon snow, he's not my fave character by a long shot but you've made him interesting and I can't wait to see where he goes, hopefully fully embracing his targ heritage down the line, he can be both! His whole whiny, broody, I wish I was a stark and can't see what's more than one feet in front of him season 7/8 Jon really irritates me, no sympathy for his whining so please don't make him only embrace his stark side!
1/16 c19 3Foxy-Floof
Terribly interesting chapter, and it really drove home, his decisions are now starting to really reshape him.
1/16 c19 6Jayan phoenix
Good chapter. Please update soon!
1/16 c19 mar888
1/16 c19 1dragonfire1242
I really like this story. I'm kinda hoping for a follower kinda like in skyrim. too me you could make some oc's for the position or take a existing character such as gendry or a sand snake or etc. just something to think about. please keep up the good work.
1/16 c19 SvenTheDecoy
oh god, now there's gonna be wall chapters. even tho he already knows what's coming. WW are the worst thing to happen to asoiaf, and show grrm to just be a cheap, knock off Tolkien.
1/16 c19 TheSystemFan
All the iterations of Jon I've read are all about protect Robb and setting him on a pedestal... He knows now he is prince... Yes he should protect him family but he should also think about himself ...
1/16 c19 Guest
1/16 c19 wolfgirl232323
Thank you for updating! I love this chapter, I can't wait to read what happens next!
1/16 c19 CharmingButIrrational
So he lets them live now. Kool. Theyll go and rape kill and steal from others. You could have also captured them.
1/16 c19 3suppes1
I'm glad your back I almost forgot about this story but your doing great, I hope Jon gets a Dragon, Blackfyre and Dark Sister and falls in love with Daenerys because I always like those fics and Jon learning more about his Targaryen family
1/16 c19 wearethewitches
1/16 c19 DeluxeHipster1945
Tbh i forgot about this story, so i had to re-read. Still great tho.
1/16 c19 kingmanaena
wow this was interesting read im glad your back cant wait to see what happens next
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