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9/22 c22 4Golden Nova
Hmm. A new twist? I think this would help Jon in the quest for Brightroar and gives him a chance to stop the war if he marries Myrcella after he is declared as a Targ.
9/22 c11 reiwil10
I love the concept but I feel like this story is just a big info dump… but still hoping for more consistent updates. If possible, I think you can just once in awhile post a stats chapter, rather than repeating it every few chapters. Thank you!
9/22 c22 Knight8
interesting to see a Jon/Myrcella pairing,it is uncommon pairing
9/22 c22 4Upon a Pale Horse
You know I don't think I've ever read a story where Marcella is Roberts daughter and not had black hair..huh; anyway I don't mind the light flirting to much. Jon needs to get over himself a little and learning to deal with a crush is part of growing up, so is just talking with different kinds of people. I am looking forward to him getting a sword and how he will do when he inevitably gets roped into competing in a tourney that Robert wants. This is all before he even goes to Essos, I'm still excited to see where this story is going.
9/22 c22 5KaliYugaFan
“Oh sweet a new chapter!”

*monkeys paw curls*

“Oh great half the chapter is just housekeeping and stats-dumping”

The Myrcella content is cute and I’m glad you included it, but GOD does this fic move at a snail’s pace.
9/22 c22 5aegon Targaryen17
lol...a chapter after so long and half of it's is filled by his inventory
9/22 c22 1Dairyfiend
Another chapter, Huzzah!

I feel like the lack of good gamer fanfic (as well as completed ones) boils down to the Quests and xp. Sometime the quest numbers can get out of hand and discourage the author. Sometimes the xp can be too little, and your character is too 'under-levelled' by the important stages of the story.
To be blunt, I feel like you are beginning to fall into both traps. I could be wrong of course, I do not know your plans or style of writing. Just throwing my 2 cents in.

I am very much looking forward to new chapters, as well as future pairings and adventures. I hope Jon gets Blackfyre in Braavos, or at least gets closer to it.

With Mycrella's eye showing her as trueborn (?), do Tommen and Joff share this or just her? Will be interesting.

Is this a Jon-multi story? Characters I can see in the love category would be; Ygritte, Sansa, Alys Karstark, Val if she exists, Mycrella, Margaery, sand snakes, Daenerys, Missandei.

Characters I do not expect to see in the love category but would be hilarious; Yara/Asha, Cersei. Horny Cersei grabbing Jon!

Can see this story being monogamous or polygamous. It will be of further interest to see if Jon's personality changes somewhat when he levels up skills. Does he become more like Rhaegar with higher diplomacy? Will Ser Barristan see Rhaegar in Jon?

Answers to come in future chapters probably! ;) (pls sooner than last time)
9/22 c5 ymrgf
I dropped this story for good. Too much stats/infodump in this story and it's 20 chapters but the story is barely moved.
9/22 c22 Gilgamesh50
This was a great chapter
Jon should watch out
Falling in love might also be his downfall especially bcz of her mother
9/22 c22 7era-romance
would not mind a jon x myrcella endgame
actually, so long as Jon is acknowledged by all as a targaryen, it'd probably help settle both the targaryen and baratheon supporters in the, no worries about incest born craziness, which is always nice lol
9/21 c22 liger86
You deliberately change her father, making her the true 'heir' of the throne after Robert's gone.
9/21 c22 Gary
9/21 c22 JaimonDosFendu
The second half was great, the first felt a bit like another quest inventory though.
Thanks for the chapter!
9/21 c22 Amogo21
I loved this chapter. And I’d love to see this pairing realised, I find it cute.
9/21 c22 1RiverlandsReborn
I like this story for the most aprt but goodness, I wish there were fewer commas. Makes the writing feel slower than necessary with the pauses in my head. Still, appreciate the chapter
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