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9/21 c22 kingmanaena
this was a very very interesting read
9/21 c22 Mod3rnSpartan
Loved the chapter. Waiting for the next one.
9/21 c22 22DarylDixon'sLover
Great chapter
9/20 c21 Rayga
truly amazing story
one of the best gamer fic I have ever read!
cant wait for more
9/18 c21 Joshy Gidds
Big fan so far, looking forward to more
9/16 c15 Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwe
Too many repeating dialogue or story. It became redundant and filler to the story. All the chapter until this chap, always pointing him to travel north or south. Gods 1 quest alone takes too long and repeated.
9/15 c21 Gilgamesh50
Great chapter
9/15 c21 Nagura
a story that must continue
9/2 c21 3Diana Mitsuko de Kou
Wow que buen capítulo espero continúes con tu historia, quisiera saber cómo terminará
7/4 c1 M1stymix
I think you should change the term time travel since at that era there shouldn't be a concept of time travel.
6/29 c21 3Markus-Antonius
Reread this to catch up great work!
6/20 c3 T149Man
5/28 c21 EShrew
Please god stop copy pasting quests from a chapter ago. We understand what active quests are. It's annoying to have to keep skipping rerereretreaded ground. Good story but so much fucking padding.
5/27 c11 EShrew
Pretty ok read. Sometimes it feels like the author is paid by the word. We get chapters like these where we get a fuck load of text, might as well had snow review what each stat description is too. Alot of the time descriptions such as passive quests get repeated again and again for no readon. Seen the "but they are siblings and not cousins in my mind" line way too many times. I understand that this was written over a long time but man does this make this harder to read.
5/18 c4 GL
I hate these quest only exp gamers...dude is lvl 2 after weeks lol...and where's the effin loot for killing ramsey...when he finds a valyrian sword make him suicide on it thx
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