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4/20 c57 kurama087
Please, for all that is left holy in this world, UPDATE!
4/17 c57 PaulRevere
I read this once, back when there was only 35 or so chapters and I loved it then, now that Ive binged the entire thing again I can say that I love it even more now. Please, for the love of whatever gods are out there, continue this. Easily one of my favourite MHA fics of all time as it is now and I really love how youre expanding AfO's power base to show the true monster he couldve been in canon.

10/10, please dont abandon this story.
3/24 c3 realfan16
That's it?! Just a flame quirk? Thought we would be dealing with something borderline morally questionable necromancy, mind reading etc
3/23 c21 Alfiemooon
Midoriya's constant mood swings are really annoying. It's not character progression if all he's doing is regressing. By the time he gets back to "normal", he's regressed back. His meek behavior is fine, but after a while it gets so boringly repetitive to read, especially in a fandom where depressed izuku is such a common trope.
3/20 c30 12nexusplayer
I'm sorry what?
Baba yaga?
The boogie man?!
Nah the person you call to killed the fucking boogie man!
3/20 c6 nexusplayer
Rip Izuku
3/20 c5 nexusplayer
Go Bakugo!
I wonder who is going with who?
3/20 c2 nexusplayer
Interesting. Though Now I am really worried about his status with one for all killing it's owners. But that's most likely absent from his fanfic
2/23 c57 3Retr0fan
Just finished reading this story and I can only sayPLEASE UPDATE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!

The fic up to this recent chapter has been exciting and riveting. I especially like how you build on both the villains' and heroes' characters and create a middle ground between them where they can interact with each other in more than a hostile way. Im especially waiting for the moment when Himiko and Mugetsu inevitably meet and wonder how it will play out when compared to Hisashi and Izuku.

So again, amazing story and please update soon!
2/18 c57 niideadequenombremecoloco
god I hope that you update onece again, because truthfully this story has become one of my top 10 favourites in general and the number 1 in mha universe.
Hope that everything is going great on your side and until the next update
2/8 c57 kurama087
Please for the love of all that is holy, dont tell me this story is abandoned!?
1/29 c27 nizzyna
This chapter had me on the edge of my seat the entire way through! Every time I think Izuku is getting ahead of the League it’s proven they’re two steps in front.
1/28 c10 nizzyna
This was my favorite chapter so far, I absolutely adore all the bonding moments between Deku and Bakugo!
12/26/2023 c6 Cepilepsi
Yeah this is a really fun read so far and it's only chapter 6 can't wait to read the rest.
12/22/2023 c54 1Susanno27
you my friend are an exquisite writer, good work.
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