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17h c38 1ASHY.R3BORN
1/17 c59 Guest
You’re awesome keep up the amazing work!
1/12 c34 Shinami.Nigashi
So fucking hilarious
1/12 c59 AWriterNamedReet
You don’t deserve any negative comments from any of your readers, we’re lucky just to read your works. I’ve always considered writing myself but I’ve always just been too scared it too lazy but... I think I’m gonna give it a shot. Thanks.
1/11 c26 Shinami.Nigashi
I don't know how, but you managed to mix a lot of fluff with creepiness, it's astonishing
1/11 c24 Shinami.Nigashi
I KNEW IT! I FUCKING KNEW THEY WOULD TAKE HIM! OMGGGGGGG. Things are getting exiting over here
1/11 c6 Shinami.Nigashi
And herr I was, thinking there was now way this chapter would top the last one...I laughed so hard I stopped breathing, loved the dynamic and how the girls get along with izu-baby
1/11 c5 Shinami.Nigashi
I LOVED MINETAS PUNISHMENT Really, it was an amazing chapter.
1/6 c59 Unknown
Hope we get to see how this plays out
1/1 c59 1SolomonEmrys
Good job man, stay safe and healthy. I am excited to see what you give us when the time comes. Have a happy holidays and hopefully this year is kinder to you.
1/1 c1 1UNORIGINAL puppy killer
I've read this fic 2 years ago and thought or remembered it as the greatest shit on this side of ffn ,but reading it now makes me think about how average it is in most areas , the dialogue is ok-ish , the jokes fall flat most of the time , the relationships are convoluted and the prose itself is average and the pacing sucks honestly but guess it can't ge helped with so much shit happening so .. short a time in M.H.A and the icing on the cake the A.U is just a culmination of tons of tropes put together ,and then try to poke fun at the very same tropesstereotypes you've used yourself , but the A.U itself is the saving grace for this fic it's different enough from canon for people to now draw parallels and also at the same time reminiscent enough for people to recognise and root for , the characterisation is still off people doing random shit , randomly including the chimera out of thin air to rise the odds high and also make it resemble canon that whole arc felt off for me and the whole russian mobster thing is so.. clichè. and the teen drama is almost unbearable to read about , anyway what I am saying is at this point in time of this fic's development take a deep breath and get info the characters head's once look at what they would do logically and then throw some emotions into the mix , everything felt like it's being done to move the plot forward and Nothing more , and teens aren't as stupid as you make them seem , distance the fic as much as you can from canon make this into its own thing and its tire some to be reading 500 words for a span of 6 months or less people will be fatigued very soon if this is how the pacing is going to be throughout the entire fic.
12/28/2020 c59 Masterx01
Sorry to hear that.

I did see the chapter before it was taken down and for the most part it was alright. I loved the interactions between Izuku, Himiko and Uraraka.

The only thing i had issues with was the whole thing with the altered sexual orientation of several characters. Kirishima declared himself homo, several others Bi and Tsuyu genderfluid...

The delivery may have been masterful enough to soften the blow but it doesnt change the fact it was as disturbing as it was something that made made me think 'The hell is this?'.

I do not like it one bit, neither from a personal stand point as i consider it dubious at best of times or story-wise as i dont see the purpose of such abrupt change other than to somehow 'spice' the relationship drama you want to make later.

And something i would have skipped at best or dropped the fic altogether.

This may be one of my favorites fics in the site, but i did not come here to see homo/yuri relationships and weird shit about gender-fluid characters and what could be done with them.

I sincerely hope you do not continue with... whatever that was once you decide to work on this fic again.

Take care and Happy New Year.
12/28/2020 c59 1Cordylion
Hmm, well I'm sure you've got plenty of comments on the matter already, but if you're aiming for more inclusion then you should probably try to make it a more intrinsic and multi-dimensional aspect of the characters. In the chapter's previous version it felt a bit tacked on, honestly.

This isn't always the case, but identity can be a point of vulnerability so it's not something everyone easily and freely shares - particularly if people have given them trouble over it in the past.

Moreover, there are different dynamics depending on whether or not someone's only among other lgbt people or not. Something one of my roommates once told me which I found interesting and insightful was that queer friendships can often be closer than straight ones because there's that extra layer of shared trust and possibly struggle which can tie people closer to each other. Someone that gets what they've went through without it having to be explained.

I bring it up because, if you're struggling with ideas, perhaps you could find someone Himiko could have that sort of friendship with? At the very least, it would feel a lot more natural if she mentioned being bisexual to maybe only one or two Class 1-A students, and then they in turn came out to her instead of their entire class. There'd be a lot less pressure for them to be open about it if they were only really telling it to Himiko and maybe one other, and it'd also double the character work since you'd be setting her up to have deeper connections to some students instead of several shallow ones. I get that in the previous scene the class had already all come out to each other, but I think that was part of the oddness - something like that probably shouldn't be offscreened.

Hope that helps.
12/20/2020 c59 kurama087
you do that and stay safe out there. cant wait to see what you have in store for us!
12/17/2020 c59 Guest
Take your time. Love the content.
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