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3/22 c21 Naruto Sleep - Runa
A ship?
3/22 c7 Naruto Sleep - Runa
Holy shit Eri Helloooooo
3/22 c5 Naruto Sleep - Runa
3/22 c6 Naruto Sleep - Runa
3/22 c5 Naruto Sleep - Runa
Mineta boutta get his ass whooped
3/22 c4 Naruto Sleep - Runa
Deku is "HIM"
3/22 c3 Naruto Sleep - Runa
3/22 c3 Naruto Sleep - Runa
And also! Bakugo! I just love how him and Izuku are more like "friends" in this fic!
3/22 c2 Naruto Sleep - Runa
Another exciting chapter! Kinda just like the canon but i see that it's necessary
3/22 c1 Naruto Sleep - Runa
Like this already. The idea of having this Villain I never heard of and Izuku being said Villain's son and inheriting a quirk quite similar to his "Parent"
2/28 c6 13Trace Reading
I see we're going for 'accentuate the negative' to turn a character into a butt monkey.

Right. That's boring as all shit and annoying to read so LEAVE IT OUT.
2/14 c11 8Cosmyk Angel
I could see Eri being able to reverse injury, but not illnesses because if the illness was something like cancer and she rewinds the body to before the cancer they will just fetch it again, whereas rewinding a contacted illness might be possible. provided you didn't come in contact with the contagion again.

Cosmyk Angel
2/14 c45 17EquinoxKnight01
If Black Whip triggers at 15%, my boy Izuku's gonna be on demon time when he lays eyes on Chisaki next. 100% One for All AND Overdrive, yeeeesh
2/13 c43 EquinoxKnight01
It was all too easy to draw comparisons between Izuku and Anakin, wasn't it? The duality of Izuku having to choose between toxic Himiko or wholesome Ochaco, villain or hero, light or dark, Izuku himself being the chosen one. Yeah.


I think Vigilante Deku could be a happy middle in this story. If that version of Izuku does make an appearance in this story, I can only hope it lasts much longer than in the manga. Still keeping his heroism but not exactly following the rules set by the police. He could have his cake (Himiko) and eat it too. But I guess for that to happen, there would have to be a dramatic event that would push him to a breaking point where he would stop caring how everyone views him as. Unlike in the manga, there wouldn't be some asspull reason (take a bath and the cinnamon roll returns) for him to abandon that badass arc of his and really get into the stride as a vigilante. This story's theme are suited for how dark the vigilante spin-off is currently.

Psh, Izuku annihilated Chisaki just off the principle of harming a little girl. Now that there's a more established relationship with Eri... Whoo boy, multiple Yakuza stains on the wall would be a mercy.
2/13 c37 EquinoxKnight01
Yeesh. And I thought the League of Legends bit broke my immersion... T'Challa, the little black cat. As a pet? Suuuuuuure.
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