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3/29/2021 c59 Call me Lee
Thanks for the new chapter, hope you get more calm and tranquility from now on!
3/29/2021 c59 xXxTikikaixXx
hope your year starts getting better :)
3/29/2021 c59 Dr. Valentine
Hope things get better soon mate, cheers for the update.
3/29/2021 c59 Dalek Pr1me
A great chapter as always! With so many interesting ideas happening at once: Tomura vs Gigantomachia, Spinner questioning what HE wants, Ochako's quirk awakening, Baba Yaga's Chernobyl plot, it's all made me very excited to see what happens next!

However, there is one issue I noticed. At the end of the chapter, you seemed understandably very stressed.
As much as I love Viridescent, I don't want it to be at the expense of your mental health. You should make your stories because YOU want to, not anyone else.
Just take care and I hope you'll be ok.
3/29/2021 c55 Vanessa Masters
Mind healers, huh? The sisters..
3/29/2021 c6 Draco
3/29/2021 c5 Draco
OMG! I just about died from laughing so hard at the end of this chapter. I’ve wanted someone to write something like this for ages that P.A.L. Deserves it and more!
3/29/2021 c59 15Vanessa Masters
I've never heard someone interrogate a fruit before," Toshinori's voice was brimming with amusement as he sipped from his coffee.

"Orange peels deserve it," Himiko pointed out. "I can offer a knife to help."

"You hear that, villain? My partners are packing some heavy gear."

"Wait, no I don't. Couldn't bring it. Sorry!"

"Shh, the villain doesn't know that. They might still believe the bluff."

Izuku walked into the living space and blinked at the standoff going on between Ochako and her desired breakfast. "Um. Everything ok?"

She held up the orange between them, still glaring at it. "This criminal won't give up the goods it stole."

"…It's an orange?"

Himiko snorted and Ochako's pout deepened. "No, it's a villain! It's keeping my breakfast from me with that stupid thick skin!"

"I think the fruit rightfully belongs to the orange. You're technically breaking and entering with intent to steal and kill."

"Lies and slander!"

"If we weren't talking about a literal fruit lacking a brain or any sort of consciousness, I'd agree with Izuku," Aizawa commented flatly.



Lol and quirk awakened!
3/29/2021 c57 Vanessa Masters
Now then," Okeele looked from the teenagers to Toshinori and fixed him with a stern expression. "You."

Toshinori's mouth set in a line. "Hello."

"I specifically remember ordering you to take it easy," she half-snapped. "So much work down the drain…I'll have to Drift with you again and re-work our entire recovery plan."

"There's no need for—"

"Scanning room at eighteen-hundred hours," Okeele ordered. "Don't you dare be late, or I'll drag you there myself."

Toshinori seemed to give up. "As you wish."


Oh boy, sorry, Okeele but toshi is more stubborn than you, being a hero of peace and all.
3/29/2021 c56 Vanessa Masters
Baba Yaga leaned back in her chair and looked at Mugetsu again. "Your impressions on the young ones after the fight?"

"Dangerous," she said bluntly. "They've still got a long way to go, but their progress is impressive. If the boy ever naturally reaches the scale of power he displayed in that fight, he'll be Chimera level in a matter of years. Perhaps sooner. That will depend on his growth rate from this point on."


"He's a different kind of threat than his father," Ras added. "More unique tools at his disposal, but his sheer power is worthy of note. As Mugetsu says, it will depend on his growth, but I would like to suggest we begin making plans regarding his future as soon as possible."

"I see. And Himiko?"

"We didn't have long to observe her, but she's certainly more lucid than she was some months ago," Mugetsu picked up again. "I suspect my report on her activity during the League's thievery of the Eight Precepts will shed more light on her potential."

Baba Yaga hummed. "Very well. Ras, retrieve any footage we can get of the incident. Compile it and apply the data to our files on the children. Now, Hellscaper? I understand you encountered Heat Viper in combat?"

"Not much combat," the man answered with a thick, Russian accent. "I was on the defensive. He wasn't going all-out—probably to keep collateral damage to his allies at a minimum. Still gave me a shock. I haven't had anyone try to pull me out of my lava shell."

"You did well surviving him. In that case, should we find the need to face him again, we'll attempt to exploit that weakness. For now, do not engage him. Unprepared, I suspect only I would be capable of fighting him on equal footing."

"Yes, ma'am," Hellscaper dipped his head.


Yikes. Is she worse than All for One?

And what about chernobyl? O.o
3/29/2021 c59 Hardwin Potter
3/29/2021 c59 ArgonDFowl
An update! Squeee! Can't wait to read it
3/28/2021 c59 2sharinnegan101
Ibara’s not going to be happy about Jerusalem. I wonder if you’ll write in her reaction to the bombing.
3/28/2021 c59 MechanicalMood
Glad to see that the best MHA fanfic out there is finally back, loved this chapter a lot and glad to hear that things with your personal life have eased up somewhat.
3/28/2021 c59 Guest
Wow man sorry that happened to you, and but if you update I'm gonna assume that hopefully everything is getting better for you.
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