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3/15 c31 Guest
Damn! Yandere Toga and then some! My god, I’ve been up till 1:20 binging this masterpiece. I gotta go to sleep.
3/14 c5 marcusns.mills
I’m dying
3/1 c11 1Moriarty.Sherlock
When Katsuki says the “third rate fire quirk” and “a loser dad who never gets first place” I’m telling you my jaw dropped. I think I read that three times, mouth wide open, before I started laughing my ass off. You are so next level. I fucking love this story.
2/16 c59 godlyvex
I am really loving the story so far. The thing with all might and inko being friends all along was sort of a plot hole, but otherwise a great story. Though I am disappointed that it has been put on hiatus. Ironic that the end of the chapter says "I'm back! Hiatus is over!" and then you check and it says it hasn't been updated since early 2021
2/15 c59 godlyvex
Okay, last time I was here, I think I accidentally went to chapter 59 instead of 29. Now I get what's going on. You say hiatus over, but it's nearly been a year.
2/13 c27 naruto fanficfan
and the cinnamon roll is corrupted
2/12 c9 naruto fanficfan
izuku was in a pinch so blaze activated we can say it was a blaze powerd overheat that so happens to be super effective and got a critical hit in other wordsITS A OHKO
2/12 c9 naruto fanficfan
tomura really is A man of culture
2/10 c10 godlyvex
I'll be honest, I was extremely skeptical about eri at first, since so many stories are ruined by her (despite her being a fine character). But so far you're handling it pretty well. I'll stick through the story.
2/4 c44 mikeultra
I just noticed, but All for One only calls the chimera his children when he's trying to emotionally mess with someone.
2/3 c29 mikeultra
I just noticed, but this gives me some major Invincible vibes.
2/3 c17 mikeultra
ok, I'm just reading the part with inko and all might talking privately and I call bs. all might hasn't said diddly squat and didn't even know who izuku was at the beginning.
1/28 c59 somereader
Love the story and the characters that bring life to it. I really appreciate the fact that you actually made Viridescent Himiko almost completely different from canon, by actually making her redeem herself with the help of Izuku. You haven't updated this story in close to a year now, and I hope you're still doing well today. Take your time when you need to and don't overexert yourself. We will all be right here patiently waiting for the next chapter. Viridescent Himiko best girl. Have a great day!
1/26 c59 Guest
Hope you put out another chapter at some point, extremely well written
1/18 c59 BingbongBingity
RIP. Greatest fan fic ever.
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