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1/12 c1 hn13
I really want to get into this but I can’t because it doesn’t makes no sense to me that izuku has two completely different quirks with one he doesn’t want to use. You might wonder why I say that, well if izuku accidentally uses the quirk, that he doesn’t want, in front of everyone he’ll let everyone know he has 2 quirks and would want to know why that is. Exposing “One for All” to everyone. I bet the author probably does this or fixes this later, or take the idiot approach and have everything think that’s his base strength, which is comical. But I tried multiple times to read this but I legit can’t, I guess I don’t like the appeal of One For AllCompletely Different Quirk Izuku. The only time I liked it, is if one for all is used as a multiplier or be hidden property. But hey that’s my opinion you may like this type of Fanfic
1/11 c59 battlecruiser03
Congrats, you just threw Israel into chaos. And there are Arabs that live peacefully with the Jews and Christians in said country.
1/9 c59 sheepmasterx
lordy lord you got me hooked. i cannot wait for the next chapter. absolutely love your writing style. would comment more but i can’t remember what i wanted to say and i’m too lazy for that shit. good shit.
1/6 c59 Pater P0n
Story idea; izuku is hol horse. That’s all
12/29/2021 c5 Guest
This shit’s GOOD, not to mention hilarious, this chapter especially! What I wouldn’t give to be able to kick an entire kilometer. I mean, next stop, NFL!
12/24/2021 c59 crussell
thank you for this story so far. I am enjoying it and I hope you continue it
12/23/2021 c14 Purgatoryblaze
I still don't understand this Izuku's quirk should have been enhanced by One for All, yet it is still a lot weaker than his father's quirk.
12/22/2021 c59 23Simply Christian
It was refreshing to have a Bakugo who is a decent human being. And in this story’s AU, it actually makes sense why he would turn out this way. In canon, Bakugo started becoming an arrogant bully after he got a Quirk but Izuku didn’t, and due to his own brash personality, he interpreted Izuku’s kind overtures as pity and condescension. In this timeline, where Izuku has a Quirk Katsuki sees as fitting his paradigm as a strong one, it results in him respecting his friend and viewing him as a peer and equal, and utterly revolted by the masses who judge a kid by his father. And in turn, since Katsuki is more open with Izuki, it also means that some of his better qualities also rub off on him, meaning that while still brash and short-tempered, he is a much better person than in canon.

I think Deku’s biggest personal grief with Hisashi isn’t the kidnapping, attacking, or even the impalement. It would be the fact that on the night they met, Hisashi very nearly incinerated one of Deku’s best friends and a five-year-old boy, if Deku had not Smashed him in the face.
Really, that attempted murder is what I consider to be his most heinous act. While he has certainly caused more damage and loss of life on a larger scale (i.e., burning down a city during the battle to capture him), those could be construed as him simply not caring about collateral damage. But in making the premeditated attempt to murder Ochako and Kouta, a hero-in-training who was doing nothing but trying to keep a child out of the battle, it reveals a more sadistic and bloodthirsty streak, one that I don’t think is properly addressed and called out in the story.
On the other hand, when I was first reading this, one of the thoughts I had when I was reading about Hisashi’s wishes to mend bridges with his family was that he should put his money where his mouth was and surrender himself to the authorities. So imagine my great surprise when he offered to do exactly that to Inko, and she declined in favor of keeping him as extralegal protection for the Midoriya family.
That moment when Hisashi intervened to stop Chisaki from abducting Eri I think was a turning point in his character arc, as I’m pretty sure that was the first time in the story he appeared to actually protect someone.

It is an interesting compare and contrast between Heat Viper and Endeavor.
As fathers, Heat Viper is still the better one for his intention to want to actually do right by his family, despite being absent due to mass murder and the assault and kidnapping that occurred after his release. Endeavor was neglectful at best and abusive at worst towards his family, and only very recently has started to realize the wrongness of his actions.
As members of society though, Endeavor is far better, as Heat Viper has a kill count of the hundreds if not thousands during his time as a villain, and only cares about protecting a select few he cares about. In contrast, Endeavor cemented his place as the Number Two Hero for the hundreds if not thousands of people he has saved and protected over his career, and only has five victims who have suffered at his hands.

One thing that should have occurred to Hisashi when blaming All Might was the fact that if the Symbol of Peace really intended on capturing him instead of accepting a deal, he would have gone in person do it himself, not relegate it to an individual with a fire Quirk.
On a related note, while the most obvious suspect to the trap for Hisashi is Nighteye, but this does not make sense on close examination. First of all, if Nighteye really intended to capture Hisashi, he would have arranged it so that none of the Heroes sent would have a fire Quirk. Second, for a such a powerful Villain, I can’t imagine Nighteye *not* using his Foresight on one of the Heroes to see what would happen, and so if he saw the damage that would have resulted from the battle, he would have called the trap off. And third, I don’t see Nighteye as going behind All Might’s back in such a way.
No, the fact that Endeavor was there means that the responsible party wanted to prevent Hisashi from retiring from villainy, and in such a way that they did not care about collateral damage. My prime suspect is the one called Hijack, an individual with great technological expertise if not a tech-related Quirk, and if memory serves me right, on the couple of occasions where they interacted with Kurogiri, they requested that their role not be mentioned to Hisashi.

It was funny; during the bizarrely domestic scene where Izuku was cooking breakfast for the League of Villains, and how they were starting to like him, I had this thought that Izuku would come up with a brazenly simple plan of escape. Take Himiko, casually stroll to the door, and call out, “Hey, Himiko and I going out to buy groceries, see you later.” The League members present would casually acknowledge his departure… and then a few minutes later remember that their prisoner literally walked out.
Really, the way the League has a positive opinion on Izuku (not just Himiko) makes for an interesting departure from canon, and makes me wonder how this might change their interactions with the Paranormal Liberation Front (if they’re still a thing in this AU).
Having the Heroes and League of Villains team up against Chisaki’s forces was very cathartic, where there is an enemy both factions have a score to settle with him. And I loved how Himiko came to replace Eri’s role in the battle as the character who undoes the damage done to Izuku’s body.

Overall, I would say my favorite aspect of this story has been Izuku’s relationships with Ochako and Himiko, from the sweet wholesomeness of the former and the more tense yet oddly heartwarming development of the latter. I’ve been particularly enjoying the trio’s visit to the Sisters, and how Izuku’s two girls finally met and are getting along.

The only real complaint I have with the story at this point is I really don’t like the direction the international stage is taking, especially how the latest chapter ended with the nuking of Jerusalem.

Still, I do hope to see more chapters from you, and great job on the story so far!
12/21/2021 c59 HexusBePerplexus
Please update this
12/3/2021 c27 TheOmnificentOne
dang.I was hoping all for one would give izuku some heat resistance before he was rescued
11/29/2021 c1 Guest
My theory is that all might passed ofa to izuku not just to mold him into his successor but also to ensure that the dormant afo that resides in all flare stays dormant.

I also think that the real reason why afo gained an interest in izuku is because of his ability to control both ofa and all flare without his body exploding. and since the latest chapters reveal that afo's quirk is still somehow connected to his main body even after giving it to shigaraki, I think he sensed the dormant afo in izuku slowly awakening for some reason.

I also think you're going with the canon plot of tomura becoming afo's vessel, evidence of this is the fact mugetsu and baba yaga seem to know that the whole point of the chimera project is to create the perfect vessel/avatar for afo. which I believe is the reason why hisashi is still serving afo to make sure he doesn't turn izuku into a vessel.

I also think the finale will be izuku, hisashi, and the other chimeras vs afo, to which it ends with hisashi finally ending afo at the cost of his own life and izuku finally finding the courage to forgive his father.
11/28/2021 c26 4Squishytheluckydevil
YES! YES! Don't betray her! Save her properly!
11/28/2021 c25 Squishytheluckydevil
I doubt you did it, but if you actually make toga become something other then a villain and a central part of the story then i would literally die of happiness.
11/27/2021 c6 Squishytheluckydevil
Absolutely wonderful!
Lol, I love how you handle mineta and what happened to izuku.
11/23/2021 c5 1MasterScar89
I’m laying next to my wife (who’s sleeping), hyperventilating to try and not laugh loudly at the ending. Literal tears. Amazing.
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