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11/17/2021 c5 spud329
God, just, the amount of joy I get out of these shitting on Mineta bits are, they’re written so cheesy, but they’re so fucking fun
11/16/2021 c37 1dandragonmc
fun fact, tiger have a more threatening roar than lion's
11/10/2021 c4 FrostHunter
11/10/2021 c3 SoundVenom
Aizawa's got a point it's understandable izuku afraid using his natural quirk but real world villains aren't going to care about that izuku is going to get hurt or killed as result.
11/10/2021 c2 SoundVenom
I see
11/10/2021 c1 SoundVenom
Yeah it makes sense if hiashi/ heat viper is well known powerful and feared and izuku got quirk similar to his he would keep it on the down low lastly I'm glad all might helped izuku with encouraging him to be hero , offers izuku one for all like in canon but plain says first izuku needs to train his actual quirk.
11/7/2021 c1 Guest
Baba yaga and mugetsu is trying to stop shigaraki from getting afo and turning into perfect chimera.

I also think you're going with the canon plot that afo will take over shigaraki's body, considering that baba yaga and mugetsu seems to be aware that the whole point of the chimera project is to create the perfect vessel for afo.
11/7/2021 c59 1Bukama Stealth
Fuck yeah! I made it through the last 20 chapters in one sitting!
I don't know what you changed in this chapter but, short (for you) or not, it's a brilliant one!
Hope you've had no more run-ins with covid scares and your grandfather's alright.
Catch you in the next chapter.

11/7/2021 c55 Bukama Stealth
I'm having trouble... to put this story down, at all for work, sleeping, toilet break, etc.
I'm only just managing.
Quick question (before I continue reading): Mugetsu is Himiko's mother right?
11/2/2021 c55 NBoss01
Sooo... I've read this fic about 5 times over now and I really love it and I'm always excited to see an update come out... but everytime I read over this arc in particular, I feel as though I'm being rubbed the wrong way. The Overhaul arc was the one that really got me invested in the anime so seeing it explored here, written by you was something I was really excited to witness.

The arc overall was spectacular, with everything building up from that amazing talk with Izuku and AFO, the building internal tension of Izuku climaxing with him clashing with Hisashi and cooling down with the Dinner. Finally the raid on the Yakuza was something damn phenomenal... However, despite all those great points, I couldn't help but feel disappointed in how the Yakuza group was explored in the fic. Looking at what you did with them compared to the source material, they feel far less developed than the source and comparing them to everything else you did within the fic and how you further elevated all other aspects of the source material it makes it feel even worse. The condensing of the raid into the fight in that one room took away for the mini-fights from the source and thus whatever character interaction that took place there in the first place. The only thing of interest regarding the group that occurred really was the interaction with Chasaki and Mugetsu but other than that the group was used mainly as a plot point to get the story moving and that feels like an absolute shame.

On more of a side note, idk how serious you were about hating Chisaki in some of the responses to the comments but if you do it makes alot more sense as to why you wrote the story out like this, but I'd prob say that the hate boner you had for the guy made you miss chances to increase the quality of the arc by having a greater interest in Chisaki and by extension the Yakuza. Plus what was with everyone presenting Chisaki as soo uniquely evil, even somehow saying he is worse than AFO.

Lastly, two plot points I want to cover.
- I don't think that prideful and self reliant Chisaki would have given away the designs/data on Trigger to Mugetsu, I can fully see him having and handing over the Trigger itself to her to get Eri back but him having the data on hand seems OOC and more like a plot point for Baba Yaga to not need Chisaki. Just like the anime/manga he would have just kept the information in his mind.
- Its been stated in the show that a person needs to train (for years sometimes) to use their quirk proficiently and to its maximum potential. I understand that Himiko in this is a chimera and has the ability to copy quirks... but how in the world is she able to so proficiently use Chisaki's quirk like that to the extent that she is restoring body parts without error and REVIVING PEOPLE FROM THE DAED! Its beyond a stretch that she does this soo easily right at that time, I would have expected that she would be able just to do basic overhauling but without any setup here it makes no sense. I understand that this was done to make the fight more interesting and even having the ability to set up the next arc but the method you chose to reach this point felt unearned. If she had gotten a hold of his blood before or anything to at least have herself familiarized with the quirk it would have been at least okay but the way it is presented its a stretch.

That's about it, sorry if I went overboard in any ranting kind of way, I just had my hopes too high for this arc and the little bad that it had burned me worse because of that, if you need any clarification of any of my points just PM me.
10/31/2021 c59 Larien
Ufff i really want to see more happy moments like the firsts episodes, specially the bro moments between Izuku and Bakugo, its much ask for an adaptation of the second movie having Katsuma and Mohoro interact with Izuku and Bakugo?, i mean they are very similar relationship.
Mahoro like the big sibling sobreprotective with her timid brother.
10/31/2021 c58 2Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
lol , glad to hear you survived all that. that's crazy year. love your story. binge the crap out of it! can't wait for next chappy
10/31/2021 c56 Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
seriously... my heart couldn't take that last arc... Eris just too precious
10/31/2021 c51 Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
the past few chapters have been tough for me to read... not because they were poorly written, had bad ideas, none of that... IT JUST BREAKS MY HEART ALL OF ERIS BAD LUCK
10/30/2021 c33 Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
LMAO bakugo and momo is just halarious
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