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6/22 c47 avo
y'all i'm gonna cry next chapter's gonna be the last good god. since that's happening, this fanfic has been a wild ride. i've been around since the first gen chapters but only started reviewing recently and good lord, i love this story so much. the characters and their relationships and their interactions are really well planned out and the bwen was really realistically done. and the best thing about the benlie in this fanfic isn't just pure julie bashing; since she is still rather supportive of everything that has been going on recently. but poor gwen; she's been through a lot and it's hurting both her and her other two cousins (especially since it's a big ole love triangle dealio) but i am highly anticipating the last chapter and hoping that at least two out of the three cousins get a good ending. (also lucy. i love her. so much. bless you for making her a central character here) even though this will end soon, i am looking forward to your other works (especially TLoZ ones ;)) i'll still miss this fanfic tho. maybe in the future after completing other works would you consider doing one-shots for bwen instead of a full story like this one? whatever, it's your choice. gdhsjshdhhr brb i'm going to cry ily
6/21 c46 Anon
6/21 c47 UchihaNaruto247
Wow. When i read the part about where julie found out. I needed a 5 min break to resume reading the rest of the chapter. Dats how good this story is
6/20 c47 1The Disturbed King
Another amazing chapter, will you never cease to amaze. Julie figuring it out wss stress inducing, but Lucy figuring it out before they were aware was just incredible. Does she have a sixth sense for love?
6/20 c47 2shadowrunner22
Well the endgame is coming I hope Lucy can get the Bwen train back on the tracks. also It's been a hell of a story.
6/20 c47 3Davidscrazy234
I wonder if Ben will have more guy friends then girls. Will Kevin make an appearance and be Ben's friend?
6/20 c47 lelcar
You now, the part of the wedding when Ben literally cooks the mud aliens in front of the bride weirded me, mostly because Camille's lack of reaction. Villains or not, they were her parents, weren't they?
6/20 c47 Guest
Are you actually serious? Are you actually going to end it on a sad note. :'( why? I hope you do come back with some alternate ending. I love this story, but I hate you for doing this.
6/20 c47 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats
I hope this story will end well for Ben and Gwen

BWEN Forever
6/20 c47 2one winged nightmare
Love the interaction. That's exactly how it would have gone behind the scenes in that ep. Another great chapter. I just hope Gwen didn't hurt Ben too badly when she lost control in the last chapter (bites fingernails)
6/20 c47 7csgt
Loved to see the 'Big Fat Alien Wedding' from Lucy's point of view. Great work!
6/19 c46 Guest
I knew something like this would happen.. But I didn't expect an almost break up..I pity both of them equally...
Now it is up to ben to solve the issues.. He should make gwen realise that it is her that he loves not Julie or Lucy..
6/19 c46 Guest
I wonder how long it will take for the Lucy and Bwen romantic relationship to finally take flight. Ben has been chipping away at this eventual threesome now for 4 going on 5 years.
6/19 c46 2shadowrunner22
Whoa this chapter was heavy, I can't imagine how Gwen must feel seeing that she probity can't keep Ben. Sadness is on the way.
6/19 c46 Guest
OMG ! Its f*****g awesome. You are just so good that sometimes it made me wonder that ' are you a professional writer and writing this story just for fun and may be cause you too love BWEN ' cause it sure feels like it. I can bet you can put even professional novel writers to shame. Please continue the good work and keep BWEN coming...yay
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