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for I Wanted What I Saw That Day

5h c25 Phildev
Uh-oh, I mean maybe I'm interpreting this wrongly, but Ben's parents seem to want Ben and Gwen to distance themselves. Nice!
5h c25 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats

BWEN Forever
13h c25 7csgt
"How do feel? About Ben's breakup, I mean," Lucy clarified.
"I…I feel sorry for Ben."
"You're not glad?"

Lucy is the best XD Of course deep down Gwen herself knows that she's glad she doesn't have to 'share' Ben anymore, Lucy is just trying to make her admit it. I'm still not sure if Lucy has a crush on Ben, or if Lucy is just trying to make Gwen jealous so she can admit her feelings for Ben already.

"You've grown a lot since then."
"What do you mean by that?!" Gwen snapped, turning on the spot to shout at him.

I wonder how Gwen is going to react if Ben actually calls her 'big butt' XD

Nice chapter!
19h c25 Guest
Awesome chap! ️️
20h c25 DEV LOHERA
Amazing can't wait for more
22h c25 DPSS
Damn, Ben's depression and frustration are really getting to him. He tries to avoid thinking about it, and in trying not think about, he tries to keep himself ocupied. But if course, he way he tries to keep himself ocupied is by trying to do what he likes best, Crime fighting. But because the reason he wants to fight crime is not because people are in danger but because ge desperatly wants to, it makes him sound reckless and that makes him soubd more immature.
3/23 c25 Anonymous Rex
Overall a very muted chapter (and I don't mean that badly). A breather, I guess. I did appreciate Gwen's thorough misinterpretation of Ben's "you've grown" comment and Ben's subsequent misinterpretation of her misinterpretation.
3/23 c24 Guest
Hmm..I'll change my prediction. Perhaps that "Day" was the one where Ben/Gwen journeyed to their future selves in Ben 10K... when Ben changed for the better. Just a shot in the dark. Great Story! Can't wait to read more!
3/22 c24 Goshenx
3/21 c24 Guest
3/19 c24 haha.plogue
What a great. Its not long and sometimes short. But I still love it. There's not much Ben and Gwen story and I'm happy to have a chance read this story. You should know that I read this straight 2 hours. I love it. I hope to read soon.
3/19 c24 DEV LOHERA
Now this is what we call a great story.
3/18 c24 16Josh Spicer
Family before girlfriend. Doubly so for someone that close.

I don't like to die hard that philosophy but if it came down to a significant other or my sister or cousins than the family tales the bite everytime.

It's a nice code to live by Ben.
3/18 c24 Phildev
Another great chapter! Also, I'm glad to hear you plan on writing in those particular fandoms (I already know the plots). As for the sort of "rough draft" for each story, I think it's a great idea. It works well, these chapters are very high quality. Keep it up!
3/18 c24 27Car-54
Love it!
I think you were right to portray Julie in a sympathetic light. She just knows it's not going to work and she's right, when it counts Ben will always choose Gwen.
Great moment between them with the brownies.
Can't wait for more ship building in the coming chapters. What a payoff it will be when they face what they feel for each other.

I have wondered what the title is referring to, I'm looking forward to finding out.
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