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for I Wanted What I Saw That Day

9/11 c48 Guest
I read the entire story in a week. I loved the character development and how you effectively gave some deeper understanding of the characters not just Ben and Gwen, but also Lucy, Natalie, Joel, Emily, and Julie. I love you so much for creating this fanfiction and your undeniable talent in writing a story. That is why it pains me even
more for how the chapter ended and contiualy wished that Proffesor Paradox or even Gwendolyn could just come up from the future and change Lucy's ideas or yours so that the three could be like a three- man couple.
I am just so heart broken right now bailing my eyes out and just hoping there is a continuation (not a different ending) where it can be from Bwen to Bwency (I don't know if that's a word).
9/9 c48 Lost
I think I just binge-read this whole thing. Uh. It was riveting, to say the least. The final connection between Lucy's actions, her memories and the title was very powerful. Thanks for writing this! :)
8/26 c43 Infernal Blaze
How nice of them. Lucy deserved that gift.
8/25 c42 Infernal Blaze
Ben deserves a reward for how well he managed to handle Lucy's problem and make her feel better, Gwen's assist was awesome as well.
8/25 c41 Infernal Blaze
How did Lucy get those keys?
8/25 c40 Infernal Blaze
8/25 c39 Infernal Blaze
8/25 c38 Infernal Blaze
What Ben said in this chapter was really sweet.
8/23 c36 Infernal Blaze
Points for Lucy for being so helpful and for Gwen for being so brave.
8/23 c34 Infernal Blaze
So Lucy got the hots for both of them. Man that blindsided me hard.
Gwen's reaction upon realizing her feelings sure were unexpected but at least now she knows the truth.
8/23 c33 Infernal Blaze
Once again you came up with some truly great gifts for eachother. I honestly watery eyed when you revealed the inscription on the gold watch, it was THAT touching.
And do I see some BenxLucy ship tease right there? ',:)
8/23 c32 Infernal Blaze
Poor Ben must be so confused by Gwen and Lucy's behavior.
8/23 c31 Infernal Blaze
I love the way you used Young Justice in this chapter. Camille shapeshifting into Wonder Woman(you even added the twirl) and posing next to Lucy as Wonder Girl must be my favorite part of this chapter.
I've got to admit, Little moments was very enjoyable and I liked it a lot but I personally consider your story to be slightly superior.
Protective Ben is protective.
8/23 c30 Infernal Blaze
I can't even imagine how hard it must be for Ben to deal with the loss of the Omnitrix and the injury caused by it.
8/23 c29 Infernal Blaze
This chapter totally blindsided me. O_O
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