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for An Unexpected Malfoy

5/22 c9 Joan Schepperly
This is awesome.
5/21 c62 1kaciemk
I can’t wait for the next chapter! I rarely read unfinished stories but I’m glad I started this one.
5/20 c53 ms.goodshoes
Yessss I forgot about the anitfreeze! I love this story so much but going through a third time I feel like I’m catching more and more. Wonderful writing thank you so much for all your hard work.
5/16 c62 Jadedgurl05
I just reread this story because it's been awhile since I had it and I saw the update and I am excited and nervous to read what happens next. Please update soon
5/11 c62 Guest
Please continue this story!
5/8 c62 5BeachGirl114
Sounds like the story is close to an end. I cannot wait to see the next chapter.
5/7 c62 serenitynadz
Oh I didn't realize that you have updated. Oh, I'm really ecstatic when I opened my favourite story and saw your story has been updated.

Couldn't wait for your next update.
Really love your story!
5/1 c62 HPLover
So glad I checked back in and found this update. Your writing is as incredible as ever and my heart is glad to read more of this captivating story. Bravo to you!
5/1 c62 CharlottedeBerry
I was so excited to see an update on this story. I was rereading it again right when you posted. Love the udate!
5/1 c62 1Magic-Saphira
What a GREAT story is this still! Definitly one of my all time favorites! I couldn't believe you updated, but to do it justice, I litteraly read the whole story again, with the update so I would know exactly what the update was about. Please update again soon! Much love
4/29 c62 KatCEstrada
OMG! So glad you are posting! Love this story so so much. Looking forward to the next chapter.
4/29 c62 2TomfanFelton
I’m looking forward to the next chapter. I’m in love with this story, your writing style is wonderful it’s almost like I’m in the story myself.
4/29 c62 Jessicaanderic12
Wow I really like this story
4/27 c62 14Kitsunekit75
I was pleasantly surprised to see you had updated this story. It was nice being able to come home after a crappy day at work and see the chapter update when I logged in. I hope you continue to update the story, cause I'm really enjoying it. I especially like how realistic a lot of the character development and relationship dynamics are. Its been a fun read and I like that the kids are starting to really come into their own as they get older.
4/27 c62
AN UPDATE! YAY! I may not have hit my nose hard enough to cause my eyes to water, just to conceal an almost shriek
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