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for An Unexpected Malfoy

6/5 c60 Guest
Please continue
6/7 c60 Zuhl
Oh how I wish you would finish this!
5/31 c60 Alice Scarlett Knabel
omg please continue
5/24 c60 H.P.92
This is one of my favourite Harry Potter fanfics, and I've read a lot over the years. I hope you continue it and finish it one day, I can't wait to read the rest of it!
5/23 c60 Clark959
Wow, looking forward to reading the next chapters.
5/21 c53 12Harry2
Antifreeze to take out Bella? *VBEG* Works for me!
5/21 c50 Harry2
FINALLY! Draco has proposed, and Hermione has said YES!
5/21 c47 Harry2
Its not that Dumble has been making decisions for so long that he can't trust people. Things are getting to the point in this game that he feels that he has to step in and handle things himself!
5/20 c45 Harry2
So, Umbridge has arrived! And that means her plan to run the school the way SHE wants to is now in effect!
5/20 c39 Harry2
Well, Voldemort has returned, and crazier than ever. Now, it's time to put plans in motion, to not only save their lives, but the lives of those that they care for as well.
5/19 c27 Harry2
Trouble is brewing on many fronts. Voldemort's return being the biggest.
5/19 c22 Harry2
Well, the RAT escaped! And that will help Fudge out when it comes time to send The Pink Toad to HYogwarts!
5/19 c21 Harry2
Fudge has always been easy to manipulate, as long as he thinks it's to his advantage. Now, time to capture a rat, before he causes any more trouble!
5/19 c20 Harry2
Getting Sirius onboard would help in many ways. Question is, how to get him the trial that would give him his freedom?
5/18 c18 Harry2
Lupin will be GONE! But not before he and Sirius go after Scabbers/Pettigrew.
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