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10/29/2017 c2 1Titoneitor2.0
Hot damn, things just went south by the end. I hope we can see another chapter soon
10/29/2017 c2 TravisUmbra
I normally dont review these but sense this was very well writtwn id like to say good job to who wrote this and to answer your question from tge first chapter theirs currently one othee incest jaune arc story.
Thank you for writing have a nice day.
10/29/2017 c2 MrFox7189
Keep it up like Jaune does.
10/28/2017 c2 diy2night
10/28/2017 c2 Guest
Well...this is about to escalate XD
10/13/2017 c1 Guest
Ok can I just say that Jaune wasn't scrawny, sure he isn't huge but I'm pretty sure his baggy clothes and armor just hid his figure, I mean when he wore that dress you could clearly see he had some muscle tone, so why does everyone keep saying he's skinny.

Also, I hate his family lack of faith in him, yet not one of them apologizes for pretty much crushing his dreams. trust me your family not believing in you feels horrible.

and can I just say this is something that bugs the crap out of me in Jaune centric fics, that nearly everyone writes his sister's as highly skilled huntresses, it doesn't matter what their age is whether there older younger or his twin, everyone seems to write his sisters as skilled fighters.

this bothers me because let me put it this way, Jaune went to beacon with no combat training or even knowing what aura is, and if you compare Jaune in season 1 to season 4 you can see how much he's improved, sure he's still nowhere near the others level but considering how far he's come in such a short time it's pretty obvious the problem wasn't with Jaune himself but the fact no one trained him before coming to beacon. and I'm supposed to believe with all his apparently skilled sisters, sisters who a apparently taught Jaune a bunch of stuff, not one of them even tried to train Jaune, no forget that, no one in his family even bothered to unlock his aura for him, you know the thing that stops people from getting killed so easily, yeah you would think one of his "loving family members" would unlock that for him wouldn't you.

and please don't think I'm having a go at you, because I'm not, it's just everyone writes Jaune's sisters as highly skilled huntresses, but they never say/explain why Jaune never got any training but his sisters did, and if it was because they got in to combat school and he didn't, why did none of his sisters even tried to help him train, or even why or how he went to beacon without aura or even knowing what it is, despite all his family members probably having it, and I'm supposed to just accept that, I'm sorry but no.

I know this is a lemon fic with incest and it's silly of me to be bothered by this with all the taboo in this, but it does, it really does.
10/10/2017 c1 1Call Sign Slinki
Very well done and i can't wait to read more. I would love to see jaun and juliette brining one of his sisters. Or a member of team RWBY into one of their sessions.
9/24/2017 c1 ILikeTaboos-Anon
Ugh... excuse me while I do something that people would regret.
Done. Storywise, the premise is interesting, aside from a few minor hiccups,(i.e. Mourning will always be a maelstrom of negative emotions, and such emotions are beacons to grimm?) and a few grammar mistakes. Also, the way you people talk seems a bit 'robotic' in a way, like when the part where there are more than two characters talking in the same 'sphere' or something along those lines. Smut on the other hand, is passablethere's still awkwardness when it comes to dialogues, which for me is still greater than ellipsis points followed by cries of "I'm cumming". Author-kun, as my name suggests, I was drew here by the prospect of taboo and I don't give a damn about what others say. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Hot sister actions in Vale? One of the sisters visiting Beacon, citing 'inter-academe team building/leadership workshops'? Oh boy, mah body is ready.
9/21/2017 c1 Kharn
So does that mean Jonathan Arc resembles Jonathan Joestar with a dash of Joseph Joestar.
9/21/2017 c1 5Killkill123100
Dude make more pls. Wheres a girl supposed to get some good jaunecentric smut around here? ASAP make more!
9/21/2017 c1 Adol116
Interesting story looking forward to the next chapter
9/21/2017 c1 Thorson
Cannot wait for more! Great job!
9/20/2017 c1 1Titoneitor2.0
Man I think I might need a shower after reading such a dirty (and really awesome) fanfic, I hope you decide to continue it.
9/20/2017 c1 2Vulkhanos
I have read Azure work before, i really liked Jaune the Conqueror story, too bad he was removed by the whine of some crybaby out there
9/20/2017 c1 9SparkyDapperDab19
While this is... different. It was a surprisingly decent read. There was a clear grasp on what occurred, but there were some things that made me question what was happening. What was suprising about these issues is that most of them are about the characters and not the actions. Ozpin and glyndas dialouge felt...weird. Robotic perhaps. The interactions with Jaune's team felt too stale but i did like how you tried to portray thoughts via dialouge. Now onto the stuff that could rub some the wrong way. While the concept is different. The sex scene was well enough to keep me reading due sex and comedy being the hardest genres to write. So overall I'll continue reading. Good job and I hope that this story develops into something great.
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