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10/27 c21 8Lady Levinson Turner
Ahhh! I am sorry this took me so long, but oh my word this is amazing! I love stories like this, but this tops it! And that last line! I am in public and I just laughed my head off! This really is absolutely amazing!
8/23 c20 Lady Levinson Turner
Amazing x
7/10 c19 Lady Levinson Turner
Aww! That was so sweet! Absolutely amazing story and I am sorry to see it go but I understand, this put a smile on my face with every new chapter (or re-read) and I just thank you for writing all this!
7/9 c18 Lady Levinson Turner
This is so sweet! x
7/7 c17 Lady Levinson Turner
Aww! That has put some really adorable pictures in my head now! Thank you!
7/5 c16 Lady Levinson Turner
This is so good! I smiled the whole way through!
6/29 c15 Lady Levinson Turner
That was amazing! I really loved that!
6/19 c14 Lady Levinson Turner
Aww this is amazing this chapter!
6/17 c13 Lady Levinson Turner
That last chapter is so good! I loved it and oh that seems such a good scenario! Loved this so much, and you can imagine Sister Bernadette not sleeping and overworking!
6/17 c13 22018rachelanne
Awww 3 but also.. that first chapter gets me. Every. Single. Time. LOL!
5/26 c1 8Lady Levinson Turner
I love these! Very good!
11/26/2017 c11 Hot4teacher
This was an incredibly sweet chapter! Love the impromptu date and the quick kiss at the end! :)
10/21/2017 c10 Hot4teacher
These are quite lovely! You capture so much emotion in so little words.

One itty bitty piece of advice that I have just acquired myself; try breaking up the longer paragraphs. It makes for an easier read.
9/23/2017 c6 33ginchy-amanda
I responded on Tumblr, but these are all so sweet they deserve a re-read! I especially love the Beatles one and the picnic!

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