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for You Can't Scare Me Twice!

9/13 c18 12Godzilla183
I wonder what Hat has in mind?
9/9 c17 Godzilla183
Oh no the neighborhood is in danger
7/1 c15 I am a burglar
Why was Charlene screaming? is it because there was a burglar came in the cabin?
Well anyway, that's not fair Courtney found a gun from the dead cops before I get it.
6/29 c15 Matt
Wonder what was on the other side of the door?
6/1 c14 Godzilla183
i think Courtney and Eddie are going to become friends
5/31 c14 I am a Burglar
Poor Courtney and Kevin. They were fighting each other cause their friend died. Oh well, not my problem, i better drive the truck they drove, see if it still works
5/31 c14 Matt
Well Courtney lost it. Also it seems like no one will survive.
5/2 c13 I am a Burglar
Holy crap! The cops are here. What, are they here for me? No no no no! I am NOT here, I AM OUTTA here!
4/29 c13 Matt
Never count on the police is what this chapter teaches us. Their either corrupt sickos or WAY incompetent idiots. Poor, poor officers. :(
4/28 c12 42WyldClaw
will her story tell them hw to stop the mud monsters
1/27 c9 Son of Starlord
Just a suggestion, you could make Paul become a mud monster, and he has to find a way to lift his curse before dawn, or he will become a blood-thirsty mud monster forever.
Plus, I'm loving the story. You are probably one of the best writers ever!
1/27 c10 I am a burglar
Hmmm let's see what to take inside the cabin. A pan, a wooden table ... I think that's it. There's nothing much in here.
It's good to be back.
1/26 c10 WyldClaw
1/26 c8 WyldClaw
oh my goodness
1/26 c2 WyldClaw
courtney is such a jerk
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