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for A Life Twice Lived

11/30 c51 7Acacia Vix
love this so much, I wish there was more, this is the only Harry/Draco (or Dancia I suppose) story that I've ever actually liked
11/1 c34 TheBadger42
Wasn't Lily's mothers name Marigold in an earlier chapter? Good story, thanks
10/22 c51 BookNerd1947
Hi! I love this story and was wondering if you will post them on AO3 ever? Thanks :)
10/10 c51 8SarcasticallySatyrical
Damn this is one of the most interesting time travel fics ive read. Hope to see more!
9/1 c1 Arumia
Is this Femslash?
I definitely would prefer Femslash or gen, I doubt I’d read it if it wasn’t,
I’m assuming cause we are 100 something it will be gen? It’s a huge age gap
8/18 c19 Difdi
Tonks should just accept that if it ain't bloke, don't fix it.
8/17 c16 Difdi
And yet another mothra-sized butterfly flaps by...
8/14 c2 Difdi
That's going to be a bit of a butterfly in the works...
8/14 c3 Difdi
That's not a butterfly, it's freaking MOTHRA!
8/8 c8 Guest
I love this story. So much. I'm re-reading it. All your Harry Potter stories are amazing, but this one is my favorite!
If it weren't almost 5 in the morning, I'd leave a better review. Sorry. I'll do better another day!
6/30 c45 MiaG06
oh my goodness, I love it, how cool that your other stories are also parallel universes in this story, I love it, thank you great author
6/26 c16 11thunderofdeath97
This Snape shit sucks. Snape's a murdering, child abusing, child bullying ass who deserves to rot in Azkaban. Don't try to claim he's a good man. He's got no good qualities, honestly.
6/26 c14 thunderofdeath97
I doubt Lucius and Narcissa would know Voldemort is/was once Tom Riddle.
6/26 c13 thunderofdeath97
1.) Hermione is not cute, she's kind of average, honestly. Sorry.

2.) Shame Daphne's a lesbian. Yeah it's hot, but Harry x Daphne would have been interesting, lol

3.) So did Susan get raped or something in the previous timeline?
6/25 c9 thunderofdeath97
So if Sirius is not in Azkaban, and Alice is sane and not vegitative comatose, then why was Harry sent to the Dursley's?
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