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for A Life Twice Lived

3/2 c49 2willam and jack and jake
cool well done
2/27 c14 DarkAxl
Hey, this may be unwanted or even laughed at concern, but I hope that you are in good health, both mentally as well as physically, in regards to your insomnia. I know from personal experience that it can be overwhelming and really hard to deal with.

Thank you, really for writing this story, one of the best I've had the pleasure of reading.
2/25 c8 1magnoliarossa
too lovely! I like crazy aunt Bella!
2/25 c38 GreenEyesAreAwesome
this story is great. Keep it up!
2/23 c1 8ShiaraS46
So basically, without the threat of the noseless wonder, Harry is still very much a Marauder
2/20 c49 14Freddie Rindklip
Very entertaining fic. Now I guess I will have to wait for updates - no pressure. As always thank you for writing.
2/20 c3 Freddie Rindklip
Very interesting start. I am usually anal about hating Draco. This one looks like fun to get to know. Thank you for writing.
2/17 c48 53mrsProbie
Bro I got the dates mixed up and thought this was last updated in 2017. So pumped to see it was actually updated this month!
2/17 c49 mrsProbie
Noooooo, I knew it was incomplete but what plot point to end on! Following in case you decide you need to write more <3
2/14 c49 bkerrmom1
Love the visual images this chapter invokes! One of my favorite stories!
2/11 c49 2AussieFFaddict
2/9 c45 Chryseum
I honestly hate this plot of horcruxes going back to the main soul. A horcrux is dark magic that splits a person's soul and stores that shard within an object to make the main soul never have to pass on even without a body. At no point does any of it even make sense for a dark magic based on splitting his soul and sacrifice, to actually heal himself when it gets destroyed.
2/9 c41 Blight609
Harry building a "harem" no, Dany on the other hand building a witches coven with a well trained boy toy/pillow...
2/8 c49 1tammywammy9
I'm pleasantly surprised at how well they took all of this without asking more hard hitting questions, or even a reaction that wasnt positive.
2/8 c49 61Stormshadow13
That went well
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