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7/24/2018 c1 6impvme
Nice set of interludes. I think you captured everyone's voice and concerns after that ep very well. I enjoy stories that take a look at the characters internal deliberations and concerns in light of some issue that was raised during the show that we never got to see addressed in the show. Keep writing about the core 4. This was nicely done.
4/11/2018 c1 2nomdeplume30
I hated how John treated Lionel in this episode. Thanks for the tag to make things better.
3/10/2018 c1 18Kallie49
Aww, I like the way Fusco helps to bring John and Carter back to themselves a bit. John really is a dark character but he's better than he knows. Nice tag to the episode.
1/14/2018 c1 ravenhusker
My bad. It’s been awhile since I’ve binged on these episodes. In Extremis was season two. Therefore, my comments about the a/u are invalid. Carter wouldn’t have done what she did, had this been season one. She and Fusco had not yet build their own special relationship yet. My thanks to the author for keeping me on point. :)
1/14/2018 c1 ravenhusker
This was an awesomely written piece.
Everybody’s soul was completely laid bare.
This was indeed the team’s darkest day, to this point (both in your story and on screen).
I was tempted to join them and pull out a glass of something or other myself.

Fusco was the unexpected catalyst that started the healing process for all of them.
His act in saving Reese led to his mini heart-to-heart with Reese, which then led to Fusco pushing Reese to make things right with Carter -or else...which had both Carter and Finch starting to feel better by the end of the story.

You had their relationships and personas down pat.
The only real departure from a/u was that Carter was not yet aware that Fusco was in partnership with Reese and Finch. They didn’t learn of their duel partnerships with these two until the final episode of season one, “Firewall”, which was another POI gem.
Otherwise, she might have questioned how it was that Fusco had called her, only to have Reese end up on the same phone call.

Enjoyed your story.
12/30/2017 c1 93odalys-ortiz
I love your idea of what everyone was going through after that episode. There were definitely a lot of things that were left unanswered after Rikers by the show. This had a beautiful kind of insightfulness into what these characters were going through and I'm convinced that this is what would have happened hands down. They've all established this trust through unconventional means but it gave way to something wonderful.
12/23/2017 c1 102Arches67
I love how you can dig into their feelings.
Great story agains
10/16/2017 c1 1Rania760
Heartbreaking, all this sadness, but a little light in the dark With Josh and John meeting. Very good work of analyze of characters. Kisses
9/25/2017 c1 Guest
This is what the show should have been! Drama from real feeling from each of them. Displaying the extreme risk and injury they have taken for each other, even though they are so very different people in all the usual ways, makes this compelling. Realizing how much someone cares, can be overwhelming for each of them. Yet proof of this kind, is what each of them needed. Real friends can come from unexpected sources and look nothing like you. So good as usual.
9/23/2017 c1 ReadtoRelax
Very interesting to see how everyone was dealing with the issues individually, but Fusco being the core that would start the healing collectively.
9/22/2017 c1 48SWWoman
I'm always interested to see how the various authors handle the "In Extremis" episode. The whole episode was off as far the characters were concerned, and a lot of the fans really struggled with it. I remain convinced there are some scenes on the cutting room floor that explain a lot of things, but we will never see them.

I liked this take on on it and how it affected the relationships between the character, especially the the relationship between Reese and Carter. He was uncharacteristically harsh with her on the phone and the how never dealt with it. Always glad to see someone else step up and do what the show should have done. Your take on the characters rings very true to me.
9/22/2017 c1 1JayJR
Rare, accurate, revealing of each one's difficulties affecting each other. This is so very well written.
9/22/2017 c1 findus
Keep up the good work - just one favour to ask. His name is spelt Reese.
Otherwise You are one of the best writers around, Ireally enjoy these POI FFics
9/21/2017 c1 21POIphantomgirl
There was so much about this that I loved I can’t even begin to tell you. You captured the essence of team machine. I miss THIS team machine so much. They were all connected even though they were all apart. I kept thinking, how is this going to wrap up. How are they going to come together. You did not disappoint .
Finch was on point. I could easily see him keeping his feeling of hopelessness under strict control. Like always he sees the bigger picture. Looking at how all of them are hurting. It was amazing how John distancing himself in that episode through the whole team off.
‘He’d realized he’d dropped the ball when he’d received the call from Detective Carter asking to borrow Bear…But obviously he should have been keeping a closer eye on things…assuming that the ex-operative was in trouble and that was why he hadn’t rushed to assist. The nonchalant answer he’d received instead had been a blow’ Just like Finch to take his place for not being the proper overseer. But in Finch’s defense this story further proves that John sometimes would be a hard friend to be there for.
The description of Joss and the mask was right on. She was so strong and at the beginning of the show it is obvious she has almost nobody that she feels she can truly remove the mask in front of. It’s great to read about her disappointments with the police department and how she tries to cope and still do what’s right in spite of all that’s against her.
Fusco’s reaction to Carter sticking up for him was priceless. ‘he doubts Reece thinks so either, but Carter did. And really that was the reason for the embarrassing display of emotion, because it’s been a really long time since anyone believed he was worth anything at all.’ I so believe Fusco would feel this way. No matter how Joss feels about her moral compass the team still looks to her as the good in them because she never wavered in her desire to do what is right.
John on the roof had me freaked out! I was like no John you want to live. You have to live. ‘John Reece hates himself. It’s not a revelation, he’s known for a long time.’ This was heartbreaking because it rings so true. I’m convinced John not only hated the mistakes he had made, but truly hated himself. It’s so sad that he can’t see how good he is for even having a conscience that has caused him to regret the wrong things he has done.
‘A friend and a mission, it wasn’t much but it had been everything he needed’
Oh and what he thought about Carter…. I have no words. Just like John to blame himself for everything. “And yet he’s managed to corrupt her too.” ‘Carter is something else, she gets into his oul, sees things about him he’d rather keep hidden.’ That paragraph captured the essence of their relationship. There were so many levels to it. It was beautiful
John needed Fusco, he had the no nonsense attitude that John needed to pull him from his state. And Finch listening in was right on cue. At least he now can rest easy. ‘whose gonna save all those people the Professor tells you about?’ Loved this. Yeah John
Yay! John said he was sorry. Even though they said so few words to each other, they said much more. Haha and ‘Batman is sorry’ was perfect. This was so great and a huge connecting moment for the team. They all crossed so many lines. I think Joss has found the family she originally expected in the policy department. Thanks for writing this. (oops and sorry, I hadn't meant for this to be so long)
9/21/2017 c1 9McMoni
Excellent! I loved how the relationships berween the characters evolved in solid friendships in the show and you captured the feeling perfectly.
Loved it!

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