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9/26/2018 c37 Pouffy kitteh
I love the way that you take the smallest details from the film and give them significance -for example, Loki's movements around his cell, his use of the prisoners from Vanaheim as a distraction, and his use of the furniture as shelter. Great writing!
9/27/2018 c37 UniquelyWonderful
'The end' as in the end of the story, or just the end of the chapter?! I hope you're not ending this just yet. This is my favorite Frigga story to be honest. The way you write her, her interactions with Loki and everyone else, just everything is phenomenal!:)
6/5/2018 c4 1KnightOwl247
I love how she slapped him.
6/4/2018 c36 6UTBS279
Yuppee! You updated! Marvelous work indeed, capturing so much in few words (as always). Can't wait for the next update!
5/27/2018 c35 Guest
This is amazing! x
4/26/2018 c35 UTBS279
I read all of this in like thirty or so minutes and I can't wait to hear what's next.
4/26/2018 c35 13GoodForBad
Hahahahahahaha, damn.

I'll admit that I read through all of this, as well as 'All Rise' and the rest of 'Little Lion Man.' It is a pure joy to read all of them together and get the insights for each character that you capture so well. I'll be tackling 'Ghost of You' next, and while I'm tempted to break down every single one of my thoughts for every single chapter, I want to spare you the barrage of my sporadic mind.

I love everything you write, but I feel there's something special about Frigga. You have captured her love for Loki so eloquently, so realistically, and with a process that makes sense. What I mean by that is this: you provided a background, from the very start, and so the reader more or less has the opportunity to grow alongside Frigga and feel what she feels as life changes for her. She's the most relatable, I think, and her relationship with Loki is actually kind of fascinating. I love the way you captured her patience, but also her underlying irritation as Loki's stubbornness weighs on her (but just a little!). This just adds a whole new dynamic to the movies that I positively adore. I guess what I'm saying is that this story in particular has helped humanize Frigga and make her more of a front-line personality instead of just a background character.

"You have no intention of heeding my words." I found this abundantly hilarious. The way you write Odin and Frigga is another favorite of mine because it's easy to forget that they are, in fact, a married couple. Considering they've been together for a few thousand years, it's likely they know each other better than anyone else. It's cute that you have that element, since Odin isn't always my favorite person.

All in all, this is thoroughly enjoyable. Delving into the minds of these characters is incredibly fun, and I'll be the first to admit that I'm missing Asgard right now, so your fics are more or less keeping me sane. Keep up the excellent work and expect a few more reviews in the future. I'm getting there. ;)
4/9/2018 c34 18MoonyEstelChase
Ah, headaches. My favorite form of whump :)

I always love whenever you update stories. I also love catlike Loki. So ... win win!
3/21/2018 c33 MoonyEstelChase
You write such a compelling Loki. I am nothing like him, in personality or circumstance, but yet you still bring up in me so much empathy and compassion for him. You really make me care.

I love Frigga too. We barely see her in the movies, but she's so rounded in your writing. I don't know if you're a mother, but I sure am not, so it's really cool to see her thought process.
2/9/2018 c5 wenduo
Yeah even for her love, I wouldnot be supprised if she wondered for a moment if Odin had lost more than an eye in War when walking back with an orphan frostling in his arms. Just like how did they even come to the point there «we keep him as our own» part.
2/9/2018 c4 wenduo
Interesting wonder if Loki would have turned the news better if Frigga was the 9ne to tell him instead of Odin. Just maybe I guess seen they seems to share more of a bond than Loki and Odin. I can imagine their family be like this Frigga/Loki and Ofin/Thor in which term who spend mire time with who.
12/28/2017 c23 faeriefloss99
Great chapter. I like the drama building. Frigga is awesome in this.
12/20/2017 c16 Legallyblonde79
I love introspective stories, and I'm really enjoying all of yours. So if you need encouragement to write the AU you mention involving Loki and Sigyn, consider this my encouragement.
12/18/2017 c22 59Windy Darlington
Every time I read your chapters about Frigga I just am so amazed at how accurate she is to the character in the films. That is really amazing how perfectly your write her. I probably say that in every review, by now, right? lol, sorry. But I love it.

As to this chapter, goodness, this is such a good theory that Frigga found him and then that they knew he'd be changed. But honestly this begs the question of WHY didn't Frigga be the one to bring him home? Why Thor? Or, better yet, why not BOTH of them? Frigga because of her bond with Loki (also because she's smart and would notice the weird hold that scepter has over anyone's mind it comes in contact with), Thor to defeat the army following Loki- and whatever else that was coming with him.

It just makes MORE SENSE to me than Thor coming back on his lonesome and rough-housing around with Loki. Like, yeah, maybe Loki has problems, but you don't get the wayward kid to come home by dragging him around and throwing him on the ground and grabbing him by the neck and threatening to smash him with your hammer. Honestly, I don't see how that even makes sense to anyone else?

Anyway, another wonderful chapter that makes m heart hurt, haha.

12/13/2017 c21 Windy Darlington
I just decided to read this one. Yes I did bad and I skipped to this chapter to read instead of catching up. And can I just say my tears are genuine. That was so touching and bittersweet that. . . I really wish Frigga hadn't died. I love her so much and every time I read a fanfic where she's alive - even if it's just a fanfic like this recounting her life up to her death - I still love it.

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