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9/27/2018 c2 1xpegasus
I know literally nothing about Tokyo Ghoul except the premise and that Kaneki Ken is a good boy that terrible things happen yet I am absolutely hooked.

Your writing is phenomenal, I can't wait to dig into the rest of this story, I might even start watching or reading TG because of this.
9/18/2018 c17 Guest
I love your new chapter!
9/20/2018 c1 Morning Songbird
We love you too...
9/18/2018 c17 Guest
Love the new chapter.
Update soon!
Will Kimi be okay?
9/19/2018 c17 11erebororbust
*ahem* Rant time.

Okay, first off: This chapter was. so. pleasing. Like literally! The first scene, with Kaneki's panic attack and Hide being the best Aniki in history made me sO DANG HAPPY AAARGH WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD AT WRITING ANGSTY FLUFF I THINK MY HEART JUST MELTED *Takes a moment to try and breathe normally* Also, I felt really bad for Koma XD Poor guy was so confuzzled. (And the 'Traumatized cinnamon roll, traumatized cinnamon roll' thing made me so *insanely* happy. Me and my older sister both call our favorite characters 'cinnamon rolls' when we like, and I've always kind of wondered if it's just us and some of our friends. Apparently, I haven't read enough fanfiction and haven't been on the internet enough X3)

Next: I'm very impressed with your ability to write Yoshimura! A lot of times, when I read fanfictions, I like to imagine the scene folding out like an actual episode scene, with the voices and music and everything. So the fact that I can one hundred percent hear and see in my head Yoshimura saying the dialogue you've written for him is awesome. Really, really awesome. Kudos to you, my friend! Many kudos!

The bit about Hide's grandmother made me smile very widely. I'd love to see some more mentions about her in the future! She sounds like an interesting woman x33

I love more serious-ish scenes in fanfictions where it's like, "Oooh yeah things are about to happen aw yIS I'M SO READY MY BODY IS READY" and the last segment here at the end gave me that reaction. Also, I'm still laughing over the whole "Not strong enough yet to bust granite. YET." Comedic, sarcastic comments like those always get me X3

Okay, going more into depth with the first section, particularly the panic attack: In general, I love the way you write Hide's and Kaneki's interactions together. You give me feels, man. You give me feels. The way you write Hide especially satisfies me. You have created the perfect balance of undeluded affection and concern and protection from Hide, added in just the right way to the fear, uncertainty, and angst from Kaneki. You're very good with writing in the brotherly feelings, too. I absolutely adore Kaneki and Hide having a soft, loving brother relationship with one another, and you have delivered. You have delivered wonderfully.

Keep it up, my friend, keep it up! I dutifully await the next chapter ;3 (Aaand now to go re-read this splendid update! I must savor every bit of this literary chocolate XD)

((And wow! I'm so flattered right now; I've never been given a special thanks in an author's note before! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my nonsensical reviews X3))
9/17/2018 c17 23Blitza
A little rushed on the last scene. If you added more details for the surroundings you'd be able to reach your word count easier and it would help your viewers get into the story better.
9/17/2018 c17 34Mareessa
Hide has good taste in his manga...
Love the bond between him and Kaneki it's so pure.
9/17/2018 c16 11erebororbust
No. This cliffhanger is not okay. Update. Please. I can't deal with cliffies like this.

Alright, I'll just say this right now, here at the beginning: This is story has made me so insanely happy! I passed by this when going through the Tokyo Ghoul archive, but I didn't click on it because the description said "based off of" and it mentioned Full Metal Alchemist, which I don't watch. Well, once I got deep enough, I ran into "Research and Smoothies", read that, loved it, and then remembered a fanfiction on one of the first few pages that said "based off of" said fanfic. I decided to check it out, and, well... I'm here now XD

I really love what you've done with this! Nishiki's beeped out profanity made me laugh hysterically, (I'm not kidding!) and all the "aniki" stuffs and brotherly fluff made me squeal like the fangirl I am.

Also, I cannot begin to describe the relief I felt when I saw that this story had not been abandoned back in like, 2010 or something. I've seen so many fantastic fanfics like that (for this fandom and basically everything I'm into) and it just really depresses me. So knowing that this story is still up and kicking makes me extremely satisfied X3

Can't wait for the next chapter! I'm really enjoying this, so please, by all means, keep it up! (Expect me to be a person who reviews just about every chapter, because, for a story like this, I will. Also, please do not be surprised if at some point my reviews just turn into undecipherable tangents about every single detail that I liked in each chapter of this fic. I'll try to refrain from fangirling too crazily though, I swear!)
9/3/2018 c1 nLRVN
Veri n1c3tLast0riHV
8/27/2018 c16 Guest
Keep writing.
8/26/2018 c15 Guest
There was a between chapter? Huh?
Still poor Kimi she got dumped by her boyfriend ghoul.
Love the new chapter! Update soon!
8/26/2018 c16 7KorrieChan
Dun dun dunn
8/26/2018 c16 2Bored-sama
Very nice. Keep up the good work.
I do find myself wondering about the pairing though, if there is one (And quietly hoping for Kaneki/Touka)
8/26/2018 c16 GooLord
This chapter is great and all, but I'm like, 99% sure I've already read it. What's up? Am I crazy? *gasp* DO I HAVE SUPERPOWERS!?
8/6/2018 c15 Guest
Keep writing.
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