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10/14/2017 c1 biscuitweevil
‘But on the whole he’d felt he was holding it together pretty well’, I don’t know why but this part made me laugh. Maybe just the nonchalance of it.

‘This was /not/ standard. This was /not/ routine. There had never been another birth like this one, nor would there ever be again…’ Gunther, always the drama king. Though maybe his dramatic inclination is justified in this scenario.

This story naturally reminded me of Dawn, but I would venture to say I enjoyed it more, if simply for there being no poignant aftertaste there at the end. Not that both aren’t beautiful or capture the magnitude of the scene. I especially loved Gunther’s observation towards the end, when he sees his child, that he did not think he could love anyone else as much as he loved Jane. I guess having the childhood he did, he might have been skeptical up until the last moment.

This is a lovely and I think you do fluff quite well, to be honest. Tempering it with a bit of angst makes the sweetness that much sweeter, yes? I am wondering if this one-shot will find its place in your current series, given recent events, or maintain itself separately, but… anyway, once again, great work as always!
9/23/2017 c1 Lily
This is just perfect. Thank you.
9/21/2017 c1 79SunRise19
Aww, I LOVED this! It was perfect! Brilliantly written! Awesome job here!
You have to put Gunther through some things...given how he was treated as a child and such...He is going to have nerves. It wouldn't be normal if he did not.
I love how Pepper in the end of Gunther's pleading is just like, "Alright, fine... I just give up..."
I could see Gunther waiting and waiting by the door..and the scene with her blood on the sheets I thought was very moving. This made me smile and I hope my, "demand," wasn't troublesome! You about killed me with your last fic! This made me smile and I loved it so very very much! Wonderful job!

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