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for Consign to Oblivion

3/10/2019 c1 Anon
Also Nekron, I’m looking forward to the next chapter of Learning to Live. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all goes down.
3/10/2019 c1 Anon
Zach Greenwood, don’t be so demanding! It’s not your story, it is his!
LEAVE NEKRON ALONE. He will update when he feels like it.
3/9/2019 c11 Zach Greenwood
Can you release the next chapters of this fanfic now please!?
12/10/2018 c11 Anon
Zach Greenwood which chapters? For Learning To Live or Consign? You might want to be specific. As for Nekron he hasn't uploaded in a while so I am pretty sure he is just taking a break from writing. When he comes back he'll be uploading chapters to Learning To Live as far as I know.

Just be patient. :)
12/9/2018 c11 Zach Greenwood
Can you release more chapters now please!?
12/2/2018 c11 Zach Greenwood
Hope you release the next chapters next year now
7/14/2018 c9 Guest
very nice job i was wondering could you do a story with tempest shadow like she returns to her village to make amends with her parents and friends but she still feels guilty about what she did, she has a little trouble with her childhood friends but they forgive her, and when she asks her parents after confessing and breaking down in tears if they want her back, they tackle nuzzle hug lovely and tickle her playfully welcoming her back home.
5/14/2018 c8 ctran03931
This is definitely gonna be an interesting adventure but if Brayden continues to forgive and forget, I would have to berate him a bit since there's still a limit as to what you can forgive and forget, especially since Twilight and her friends would all end up doing crazy things throughout the movie adventure that'll really earn him his ire and he'll be forced to break his vow to forgive his own wife and their friends for the stupid stunts they'll be pulling while running away from Tempest and Takeo and getting reinforcements to stop them and the Storm King (should you continue to look into deeper into following looking into his origins and develop him into a greater and better villain than what we've seen out of him in the official movie) as well as learning what they truly have to do to stop that tyrant king and destroy him and his forces to ensure of Equestria's safety.
5/10/2018 c8 Guest
Wonder where Alex and the there's were?
3/11/2018 c7 Brony 101
I knew those body guards were a pulp fiction reference
12/29/2017 c6 7Nekron Smauzog
The writing for the story should begin in 2018, sometime after the movie is released on physical DVD and Blu-Ray. I am aware it's already Digital, but better for me to see the movie a few more times beforehand, since I enjoy the longer wait. :) Not too long now.

Nekron Smauzog
12/10/2017 c6 Brony 123
Nice man hope brayden fucks up the storm king.
12/5/2017 c1 11ShiningShadow1965
Ok this is something I will like to read on bravo, onward.
10/10/2017 c2 Brony 123
Just saw the movie and i cant wait for this story
9/22/2017 c5 billykilly
Holy shit, this is amazing!
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