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for A Certain Meltdowner's Secret Love Life

10/17 c16 Johnny Double J
Please continue this story!
10/10 c16 Cookieman
When's the next one coming?
8/28 c12 KingAllen
Yeah I forgot Misaki already appeared
8/28 c15 KingAllen
I’m still wondering how Misaki gonna act when she know her Prince and Mugino is now item.
8/2 c16 FFXVI
Hoo boy. This story is great and such an under appreciated as well as not that thought of pairing. I really enjoy the MuginoxTouma moments. As for the “date” that’s supposed to go down. That’s probably gonna get postponed due to some shit going down. I hope you continue with the story please continue.
7/27 c16 24sirscreen
I support this ship. If anyone is getting pegged in this universe, it’s gonna be our favorite unlucky boi.
7/23 c13 satraia1681
Why i never like Index ? It common sensed right ? When you live in someone house you must help something, like wash the dish,sweep/mop the floor, or anything else, but what she do ? Taking his bed make the house owner sleep in bathtub , always demanding something ,doesnt she know ? How touma economy and that nessecarius(?) does not send some money to touma ? Because he take care their 103k grimoire ? and Yes she help touma, but just when touma battle.
7/7 c15 Guest
Ah the moment Toumas arm got sliced off
7/7 c9 Guest
Shite when Mugino gets called up by Heaven Cancellor and told that all Toumas memories are gone something in her is going to break knowing that if she stayed if they hadn't argued probably the only person she loves in the world aft this point wouldn't have been harmed in such a way that he remembers nothing let alone her.
7/4 c16 NomadofSomewhere
Please continue? Can’t wait to see sisters arc
6/21 c16 Xdxd
Really loving the ToumaxMugino story. There should be more of these stories. Please do continue to update.
6/19 c16 Luine Mercury LWG
Hamazura finally getting at least *some* luck, and Touma turning the tables to leave Shizuri the flustered and off balance one.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
6/19 c3 Sergio644
Mugino and Touma pairing I love it I wonder would Touma and Kinuhata work well together as a pairing as well bro. I like this chapter it's a great story hope you continue with this great story I'll be waiting
6/13 c15 Keyblader XD
Hope you continue with the story!
6/13 c16 KHvsFFvsTWEWY
Really enjoying this story. Read and caught up to all 16 chapters. Please continue with the updates and keep up the good work.
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