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11/14/2023 c3 Kaleopsis00001
This fight scene is a little disappointing.
6/24/2022 c18 4NightHawk The Warrior
Max you absolute madlad! Niw you show what has been buried deep inside. Amelia is going to have the most epic meltdown! Let's see how this plays out.
4/15/2022 c18 Guest
Im still hoping for an update
9/28/2021 c18 Thuzan117
finally caught up, I hope to see more of this. Alot of interesting developments going on.
2/1/2021 c18 So good
2/1/2021 c17 Yourinsperation
Remember kids, even when suffering from advanced sleep Deprivation you to can have a emotional breakthrough and defeat a god!
2/1/2021 c17 Brosogood
I have one thing to say, fucking amazing
1/28/2021 c18 Joker wx
This was a great chapter for so many reasons!

First of all we finally get a look at the New Legion, and the unsurprising Roman culture, from the colosseum to slavery.

Then we are properly introduced to Alazar and his lieutenants, each of whom seem to be loosely based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Edward being Death, Margaret being Pestilence, Igor being war, and Ronan, by proses of elimination, being Pestilence.

We also get conformation that Amelia did join the New Legion, and is seemingly a perfect fit. And since Jarred wasn’t with her I’m a little curious as to what happened to him and the rest of her group. Like are they part of the New Legion’s army, or did Amelia double cross them when she no longer had a need for them? Either one is possible.

And what’s more we finally get more of the real Max Rockwell, hidden behind the violent misogynist, as shown when he gave up his chance to murder Amelia and joined the New Legion, and gave up the Broodmother Trophy to save Angela from being made into someone’s sex slave.

Another thing that threw me off was Max’s fantasy of killing Amelia, that bit through be off because I thought it was too quick and easy for her. Also then we would never know her reason for setting up Max to be killed.

Also I seem to be getting the sense that the Dodos on the Island are smarter then everyone thinks.

The only lingering question I have is what happened to Alex?

Looking forward to the next chapter, I can’t wait to see what happens next to Max and Angela, and the reunion of Max and Wilson.
1/27/2021 c18 8Nateman364
Excellent writing as always! I know max has problems with women, and to control himself enough to save Angela from being bought (I'm going to guess because she means a lot to Alex, whom I'm pretty sure he saved him from whatever was happening in the legion by stabbing him), was for the best. Deep down, I don't think he can hurt her too much because most of his current problems stem from Amelia (who I am surprised to see now). That's going to be one hell of a conflict. Then again, he could have just saved Angela to piss off Amelia lol. I love how you're using Ark Explorer Note Lore to fuel the setting and story! I can't wait for more!
1/25/2021 c18 Solo Tazca
Oh hell fucking he this was worth the wait in my opinion this was an awesome read I’m kinda pissed about him not saying that he is a Rockwell was kinda waiting for that but hey at some point right so thank you for the chapter and a have an awesome day
12/10/2020 c17 kkkk
so fucking good
11/28/2020 c17 Alongtimefan7679
The king has returned!, nah but seriously man you are the best writer on this site hands down, I mean even with my ADHD I’m still drawn into your story’s. Please, keep up the amazing work!
11/26/2020 c17 Joker wx
Okay, now this was a great!

I knew the Broodmother was going to appear, the moment I read the chapter’s title.

Also my favourite bit about this was the part when Max finally faced his inner demons, his father, his stepmother, Amelia.

Though I did not see that bit with the New Legion, not to mention the cliffhanger, I really can’t wait for the next chapter to come out!

Sorry for the late review by the way.
11/25/2020 c17 Solo Tazca
I am so happy right now

Awesome work as always dude not sure if you are gonna start uploading chapters weekly or monthly but I'm glad you have returned on this I'm gonna want to re-read this again because I always do that when you upload a new chapter so yeah I'm happy this is back at least for this chapter
11/24/2020 c17 Nateman364
Great Chapter! Glad to see you writing this again! I'm not sure, but I think Max just saved Alex and allowed him to get help if possible if he didn't kill him. It was sudden and didn't make sense. I look forward to the next chapter.
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