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1/26 c30 Janny092
12/21/2022 c30 2Kuroshibata70
I guessed that it was either yakuza or the prime minister before reading this. Imagine my shock that I was right about both!
12/1/2022 c30 lunarxflare125
100% was not expecting his dad to be the prime minister, mind blown. I also wanna see you explore this side of Erina's and Yozora's relationship, it's gonna so exciting! Oh, and Azami's taking an interest in Yozora's position, should've known he would.
11/25/2022 c30 mikitenshidevil
i think that i need to go into the webpage in order to vote on the poll but i think it's so cool that you're a SLP (I'm studying to be a PT rn). anyways i could definitely see the prime minister tho Yakuza was definitely a surprise. i could definitely see what isshiki sempai meant by how the guild is essentially his experiment then tho im definitely now more curious about the sempai in the guild and their roles in this. cant see what happens next and how they deal with azami
11/24/2022 c30 fallendemon248
So that’s the big secret Yozora has been keeping, not gonna lie didn’t see it coming, also love the doctor who reference, erina as the doctor and yozora as Clara, do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would even matter? God I love that scene and how you put it in here. Man I’m so excited
11/24/2022 c30 1KaseyKay17
You know, I suspected his family was involved with politics somehow. But being the son of the Prime Minister, I honestly did not expect that. Also, being the heir to a Yakuza Clan! I felt my jaw drop! *Realizes something* Wait a minute. . . Was Mitsunaga-kun‘s sabotage during the Heaven’s Moon Ball a Yakuza attack?!
AnyWho, I’m glad Erina doesn’t hold that against him. Azami is still the worst I look forward to reading his eventual downfall.
11/24/2022 c30 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job
11/10/2022 c29 lunarxflare125
Erina and Yozora are so cute! Loved how Yozora handled the situation and I'm really excited to meet his dad.
11/3/2022 c29 JhotoLoraxius
Are we gonna see unrestrained Yo, because if we do it’s gonna be amazing, from what I can tell his dad is very important, like levels above Erinas family somewhat, and I’m really curious to see dark Yozora, because like honestly, I hate most of the elite ten, especially now in your fic, they seem like spoiled children with to much skill, specially eizan, and the like upper three. Idk I’m just excited to see the guild let loose, and possibly see Yozoras dad go ham on Erinas dad
10/27/2022 c29 mikitenshidevil
man central arc is always crazy and scary. interested in seeing your take on it. amazing chapter to read and hooked to keep on reading more
10/26/2022 c29 fallendemon248
Well damn we made it to the Central Arc and things are tense as hell. Oh man I can’t wait for the next chapter so excited
10/25/2022 c29 Mestre720
Thank you for the chapter!
10/25/2022 c29 11DarkHelm145
An interesting deviation from the source material in this chapter. I like this moment in canon, but the way its framed here was very well done. The whole scene with Erina's father was really well done and super tense. I'm curious to see where this arc lead with these new added characters.
10/24/2022 c29 anushahjawad20
Oh my freaking god! Is it who I think it is or am I going crazy? Mikaeri made it for me, he looks like a certain demonic butler, so is his Yozora's father sometime aristocratic with an eye patch and cane? It would explain his deep blue eyes and black hair. Or maybe I am blowing it out of proportion? Please tell me when you see this comment. Also, this is favorite arc of all time. Cannot wait to see the rebels having an ally in the form of Mitsunaga.
9/29/2022 c28 Braeden1002
Who cares the actual story has so many moments that are just why is this happening and this is so silly that messing a single date won't matter. Plus in this story, he has two new friends, and more importantly, the characters would be different from what the canon story would follow because of the changes that you have created in the world. Honestly, when it comes to the last NPC I am hoping that it is someone that has connections to costumes, whether that is someone who can create them, put them in contact with those that can, or sell them the fabrics and prop items that they need.

I am looking forward to the next chapter to see how things will develop with the Koto club. But more importantly, what I want to see is Yozora going to Erina's restaurant because I love that pairing and their interactions and unfortunately I know that is where the plot will be for this story.
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