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6/10 c7 mrstamatia53
its wonderful that the story is not discontinued i cant wait for the next update
6/3 c7 reptoholic
LOVE THIS STORY! Hope she gets some of his blood and later makes him a suit of some kind even if it is not a full body one! REally would love to see her deck out his arm
5/27 c7 3Samcoo 12
well damn! I thoroughly enjoyed this. looking forward to reading more.
5/19 c7 Guest
Can't wait to see these two finally get together!
5/3 c7 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
I love this story 100%
4/30 c7 Guest
Love this story. I hope they erase any code words for orders in buckets brain so no one can control him again. More chapters please.
4/28 c7 BoondockSaints01
This is everything i never knew i needed. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck Bucky has been a favorite of mine since i was a kid so when i saw who they have playing him in the movies compared to the comics i just about went to heaven. I cannot wait to see where you take this. Great story!
4/18 c7 Guest
I am so happy you updated this! It's one of my favorites!
4/16 c7 Guest
Love where it's going can't wait for more when you have the time :)
4/6 c7 63Philip S
Just found this story and read through all seven chapters. Very nice. Hope you find the muse to continue this soon. I'll be reading.
3/30 c7 Toriopolis
I love this story! I'm so excited to see Ironman 2 and how you plan to incorporate Natasha. Will Bucky remember her from the Red Room, from a previous mission (I think I remember something about Bucky killing an Iranian Scientist by shooting through Natasha but maybe not), or maybe he'll just watch her from afar and wait for her to reveal herself as a spy? Also, the tension between Toni and Bucky is killing me, you've written it so well with such good pacing, I am screaming. Anyway, I have totally rambled enough, but thank you so much for writing this story, you've done such a great job and I can't wait to keep reading!
3/22 c7 19irene96
3/21 c7 2ThunderNinjaBird
Yay! So glad it's not dead! I love this story so much, and I'm excited to see what else Bucky will change across the movies! Also I wonder when Toni's going to figure out what the expo is, she's been staring at it enough. Will Black Widow be brought in? Bucky would totally recognize her, if not as a Widow but a spy.
3/18 c7 Weird Flex
This story isn't dead?! That"s a major W. Thanks for the chapter!
3/14 c7 1P.AL
I honestly cannot believe that I just found this amazing story and this is the cliffhanger I’m left with. Shit. Otherwise amazing!
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