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3/11 c5 Starcraft lore
Dude, a starcraft units overpower droids - like UFS fighters overpower normal teen...
What the hell they say "anything that can hit air"... Its just a totall nonsense.
Early Prototypes Gaus rifles in 2473 launches .50-caliber-sized (12.7 x 126mm) Nanosteel armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) darts at velocities 20 times greater than the speed of sound (or 22,328.7402 ft/s in real-world terms), allowing the extremely hard and light rounds to pierce several CMC Marine Armor suits, or pierce 2 inches of Neosteel whilst maintaining its extreme velocity...
You know - a gauss rifles are small portable full-auto coil guns that you can't use it without power armor because it'll blow your arm off...

And after that they " We don't have anti-air weapons..."
But the old Gaus can launch bullets with a Starting Speed of 6.8 km / s!
And this is more than enough for complete anihilation of all droids.
12/19/2020 c31 Guest
You have lied
9/14/2020 c16 Guest
I'm trying to figure out. If I self inserted but had no extra powers how I could break away from Brian with an scv and enough minerals to start my own terran start point. With everyone simple giving power to Brian from the beginning I can't figure out how to over ride and make a secret team to get away. With that one guy who is basically a ghost helping Brian. It makes it harder at the starting point.

I wouldn't have the technical know how to override the marine biochips. Or avoid the detection of the command center.

Brian's basically mengsk. I'd want to team up with jess however she and Amy would have to both come with me however Amy out of desperation turns on her own people. id send Amy to a criminal world if I could get them out of Brian's claws. Desperation might have them turn on me. Then the other commanders seemed to be little more than sock puppets. We only ran into 5.

In order to have a chance I'd almost have to be a second backup plan for the protoss but not show any abilities. While also gathering droids into a dimension pocket. Somehow get an scv hidden away. Then escape with a few marines who been programmed to be loyal which would mean having to change one barracks marine programming. Without that damn early ghost catching me changing the programming. That's about as far as I could plan. Because I would need for all of us to disappear in the then run away. It seemed like it would be easy to kill Brian early game. However none of the others would understand why. Also I can not lie easily. I resonate the most with victor.
9/14/2020 c11 Guest
I'm hoping that case will gain a little humanity and Brian will be shown to be a second wannabe emperor.
7/30/2018 c31 Joika949
I really like the story.
Hope you will update this soon.
7/8/2018 c31 5SupremeDarkTrooper
In all of the honesty, I didn't read the entire fanfic, I just skip it, but that's unnecessary for now.

I' m very knowledgeable in Star Wars. if you're gonna write that each Starcraft factions gonna destroy Star wars, you're WRONG IN ALL LEVELS.

Let's start with the Force Users, all of the averages trained Force Sensitives are land mass level beings.

just watch the video about Can a Jedi or Sith can destroy a Planet in youtube, I recommend it, you won't regret it. It would help recognize the sheer power of a Force Sensitive can hold within his grasp. Also, watch his youtube video, he is very informative towards Star Wars

And yes, Sidious is a solar system buster, if he goes deep dark side meditation mode, and tries to cast a Force Storm huge enough to devour entire solar systems and possibly multi-solar system level if he can cast two. That Mace Windu, Yoda, and other any force Sensitive in that time period comparable to their strength are probably planet busting level.

Also, they can move at light speeds.

Here is the quote from the AOTC ICS pg3 specifically:

Energy weapons fire invisible energy beams at lightspeed. The visible "bolt" is a glowing pulse that travels along the beam at less than lightspeed...The light given off by visible bolts depletes the overall energy content of a beam, limiting its range. Turbolasers gain a longer range by spinning the energy beam, which reduces waste glow."

There is also this.

As though it in turn sensed his contact, the floating remote droid let loose a volley of laser beams (blaster bolts) aimed at him, simultaneously zipping from one midair position to the next as it fired. Jax, blindfolded, whipped up the energy sword, countering each burst by knowning, before it was fired, which direction it would come from. One...two...three...four...five... The sixth, and last, beam stung him painfully on the right side.

"Blast!" Jax pulled off the blindfold and spoke the deactivation code for the remote, which drifted to the floor. He sat down on the extruded lip of a wall couch and looked ruefully at the weapon in his hand.

"I see its remote one, human zero, " a voiced said. Jax looked up to see I-Five in the doorway of the small, enclosed courtyard in which the Jedi had been practicing.

"I'm beginning to think that Laranth is right, " Jax said. " The Jedi should have practiced more with other weapons. " He grimaced. "Don't tell her I said that."

"On the other hand, no one but a Jedi could have blocked five out of six beams. "

Jax shrugged. "It makes no difference if it's the sixth one or the first one that kills you. Dead is dead. "

"I wouldn't know. I do know, however, ", I-Five said, "that you're much better with that sword than you think you are. "

Jax glanced down at the weapon, saw his disorted reflection looking back at him from the blade's surface. "Yeah? How do you know th-?"

I-Five suddenly whipped up his left hand, index finger extended, and fired a laser beam at Jax. The beam splashed off the ionized fire that suddenly coated the length of the blade, which Jax had automatically raised to block the beam.''

"That's how," I-Five said, "The speed of light is just under three hundred thousand kilometers per second. You are currently seven-point-three meters from me. Your Force-augmented anticipatory reflex action is obviously working fine. You just have to let it."

Yep, that's right, trained Force Sensitives can move and react at near light speed.

If it's before the clone wars, oh god. The Ones, each of them could solo most of the Starcraft universe, if it's all of them, they can solo the entirety of the Starcraft Universe, if they wanted to.

The Son starts mind rape the entire Zerg Swarm and made them his personal army and he would do that in just seconds.

Sidious at the peak of his power can mindfuck the entire galaxy and he would be still an ant compared to the Son.

The Emperor Reborn can control everyone in the whole galaxy with the dark side.
In place of the Empire and the New Republic, Palpatine planned to bring about a new form of galactic governance. He would use the dark side to control everything and everyone in the galaxy. What's more, he was capable of it.
-Official Starships and Vehicle Collection #64

Note: The Galactic Empire, which contains more than one hundred quadrillion beings, is only a part of the whole galaxy. As such, the total number of beings would be much larger.
The known galaxy includes nearly a billion inhabited star systems, from uncharted settlements set up by smugglers to megapolis worlds where scarcely a meter of untouched ground remains. Nearly seventy million of those star systems were sufficiently populated for representation of some sort in the Galactic Empire, a vast bureucracy responsible for the affairs of more than one hundred quadrillion beings.
-The Essential Atlas

Note: Sidious isn’t the only being that has the capability to do this, Cronal can do the same if only he has Luke’s body.

Cronal has unparalleled knowledge of Sith alchemy and with Luke Skywalker's body he would be capable of becoming the galaxy.
With Luke Skywalker's body―and his unparalleled connection to the Force―to compliment Cronal's unparalleled knowledge of Sith alchemy and the unique properties of meltmassif, he would indeed rule the galaxy.
He could, should he choose, become the galaxy.
Every living thing would answer to his will...
―Star War: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

Yep, any of the Ones can start mind raping the three species, if they wanted to do so. Except, the Ones, ain't gonna do anything, unless someone unleashes Abeloth, the chaos within the Force, a being with a fraction of power is about the twelves times the Force raw power of Grandmaster Luke, the same being who can casually fuck around with black holes, also Kyp Durron, who can do the same but to a lesser extent, this means, that there are beyond planetary destructive capability when it comes to Telekinesis.

Now let's talk about the ships.

Well, according to Wikipedia, a CIS Munificent Frigate can melt a 1,000 KM ice moon, the timeframe is unknown, so I don't know how long that would take.

Ok, let's take the firepower of an Acclamator, according to ICS or Incredible Cross Section, a single quad turbolaser can spew out 200 gigatons for each shot, let's say all of them fire at the same time, with a simple math. An Acclamator can fire 9600 gigatons or 9.6 teratons of TNT. Let's say the Acclamator decides to keep firing for one hour and each every five seconds, it fired all of its quad turbolasers at once. get this, It would have the firepower of 6912 teratons in just one hour with a firing rate of 5 seconds. and that is only the firepower of a military transport

Now to their shielding, there are two types of shielding in star wars, from descriptions in a website about Star Wars shielding, shields from lowly freighters can survive this:

Two civilian freighters (Han Solo's Millenium Falcon and Salla Zend's Rimrunner) both flew within 1000km of a neutron star in Rebel Dawn, without any damage whatsoever. They were racing through the Maw, which is described as "a treacherous, roughly spherical region of space containing black holes, neutron stars, and a few scattered main-sequence stars." Salla foolishly attempted a hyperspace micro-jump in the deadly Maw and dropped into realspace within 1000km of a neutron star- the shock of being forced into realspace under those conditions badly damaged her vessel, so the Millenium Falcon had to fly to the crippled Rimrunner's location to rescue her. The gravity that close to a neutron star is on the order of 200 million m/s, or 20 million g's, yet neither Solo or Zend suffered any ill effects. This establishes the ability of low-powered shields and inertial damper systems to protect against the effects of massive gravitational fields and intense electromagnetic radiation.

and for planetary shielding.

Planetary Energy Shields

"My Lord, the fleet has moved out of light-speed. Comm-Scan has detected an energy field protecting an area of the sixth planet of the Hoth system. The field is strong enough to deflect any bombardment"- General Veers, TESB. Planetary energy shields were used in TESB and ROTJ, but the Rebels' primitive Hoth energy shield was not at all similar to the sophisticated planetary energy shield in ROTJ which could prevent any and all ground attacks (unlike the Hoth shield), while simultaneously protecting the orbiting DS2. The Hoth energy shield essentially formed a "canopy" which ground forces could penetrate easily, while the Endor energy shield completely encircled the Endor moon as well as the DS2, leaving no openings through which to launch a ground assault.

The Rebels' primitive Hoth energy shield was therefore capable of withstanding the full bombardment of 5 ISD's and 1 SSD, carrying an order of magnitude more firepower than a Base-Delta-Zero operation would require, indefinitely (in other words, 5 billion TW). Most significantly, this energy shield paled in comparison to the massive planetary energy shields erected at well-defended planets like the Endor sanctuary moon, Coruscant, and Byss (among others). This is one of the primary reasons that our strategists valued the Death Star, and why we built a second Death Star even after the first one was destroyed in the disastrous Battle of Yavin. Only truly massive firepower can penetrate the sophisticated planetary energy shields used in the Star Wars galaxy. As far back as the Clone Wars, planetary energy shields had the capability to resist Base-Delta-Zero firepower; the surface of Caamas was "burned off" in a Base-Delta-Zero operation just after the Clone Wars, long before the events depicted in ANH. No one survived (the only Caamasi survivors were off-world at the time, thus indicating the speed of a Base-Delta-Zero operation), but the planet was immune to attack until Bothan spies disabled the planet's shield generators (ref. Spectre of the Past). The Caamas incident demonstrates the speed and lethality of Base-Delta-Zero operations; no one was able to evacuate from the planet, and its surface was so completely destroyed that it was still uninhabitable decades later. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of planetary energy shields; if the planet's energy shields had not been disabled by Bothan operatives, Caamas would have been invulnerable to the massive firepower necessary to cause this destruction.

For Ships speed, they have been stated many times to be fast as relativistic, like almost lightspeed.

there's the micro jump, a hyperspace-based tactic, that involves using mass shadows from entire planets to your advantage to cause instant travel in solar systems and can bypass enemy fleets.

I' m gonna post more, I have something to do, which is very important.
4/28/2018 c1 i liek to reed
keep making the story please
1/16/2018 c31 Capt. Schroller
That was clever with Cassidy cloning herself, I hope she is more bright.
1/15/2018 c31 Jakomadara
Can i request something?
There is already too many dark hero.
Why not creating someone like Artanis or Raynor.
Be it from already existed character or new OC.
The Aiur fraction can always summon another "chosen" people.
Some light in the force on this fanfic don't hurt right?

And those teenagers sound like depressed kids who don't know what they are doing.
1/14/2018 c21 Capt. Schroller
I am rooting for Violet now. Something tells me she is going to be the one try and make everything right or make sure things stat together for the better.
1/14/2018 c20 Capt. Schroller
It's not all about her any more. Now she has to make things right.
1/5/2018 c14 Capt. Schroller
Cassidy is Ji'nara. Brian, thought at first could have been Raynor, Arcturus Mengsk. Saizo could be the true Raynor on the count of the pistol he has. Amy is Sarah Kerrigan.
1/5/2018 c9 Capt. Schroller
I am always like to root for the dark hero, but i am not always okay for them being cold to others and battle strategies. Even though a lot of times they are necessary. Cassidy as the dark hero, that is what I think she is, I know I should have said this first before writing the other stuff.
12/16/2017 c31 Minnidog118
I just love the idea of Cassidy creating a purifier of herself.
Not much else to say seeing as this is more of a lore chapter although I didn’t know that carriers were used in the purifier fleet.
Anyways Keep up the good work.
12/11/2017 c30 Minnidog118
Yay my favourite faction has now joined the fight.
I cannot wait to see how they act and the simple fear they will induce to their enemies.
I would recommend for them to setup on ilum due to the vast amounts of crystals which would allow them to quickly build up a massive amount of forces such as collosie and their version of zealots.
Man I wish I had the ability to command those beasts of machines.
Ps good chapter.
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