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12/2/2017 c29 Minnidog118
I was right ,though I still hope the Aiur faction call another human to lead them.
11/25/2017 c28 Minnidog118
Multiple Protoss factions?
By any chance?
11/18/2017 c26 Arashi Tenebris
at least Jess is the only normal human here ,btw you should go to the previous chapter and add detail about Brain like he have act dumb since the begining when he begin to doubt Cassidy ,because it feel like he just from dumb and good guy suddenly changed to very smart and cool heart out of nowhere without anything indicate the reason for that (mostly in your first part of the story) ,this make it feel like you just pull it out of your *ss
11/17/2017 c20 Arashi Tenebris
at the last part ,should it be Anubis's control the zerg and the terran fleet instead of protoss fleet ?
11/16/2017 c25 Minnidog118
11/15/2017 c25 4halo is bad ass
nice... So did you watch the video I told you about?
11/13/2017 c1 Peroroncino
Dammit man you just make us excited over nothing ..Well if ur just going to stop this fanfiction crossover you should have told us sooner than makes us wait just for the news that your going to stop this story ...Well fck if this is the end for this then don't bother writing anymore ...Truly dissapointed
11/13/2017 c24 3Ayman El Kadouri
well i don t nkow what to say but i suport your idea
11/13/2017 c24 4halo is bad ass
I would love to see both stories but If I had to pick, I would pick this one. There are sooo many stories where "kids from real earth get command of starcraft army" but this is the first one I've seen in star wars. I love it that much more for this reason.

I get knowing more about one franchise than the other but one thing about crossover is that it forces you to balance and learn about both. I will understand if you cancel this series but I will still miss it all the same.
11/13/2017 c24 Phantae
crossover plz
11/13/2017 c24 Minnidog118
Continue the crossover!
Also it would be cool to have other charictors that were like Cassidy whom were half human half zerg but for the different factions while Cassidy is solely Tal'darim others could be Khalai , nerazim and purifiers.
It would be quite cool.
11/13/2017 c24 TheLatiKing
I disagree I love reading Starcraft crossovers and really don’t read non crossover stories of Starcraft as I find them somewhat boring
11/13/2017 c24 4Loldino
im with you i know far more about starcraft than starwars but it is your account your choice
11/12/2017 c23 4halo is bad ass
*my mind wale reading this* "The death fleet descends"
"Commencing bloodshed."
"They shall flee before me!"
"The Templar have words... The Tal'darim have blades!"
"*beeping sound* No! Cease that infernal noise! Do not make me turn this ship around!"
"Bow to your highlord and submit completely to my rule! Really!"
11/10/2017 c21 11jojobinks01
it's nice to see someone who cares about anakin's mom
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