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10/15/2017 c14 TheLatiKing
You misspelled zealot lol anyway nice chapter and nice chapter not sure how Amy would be able to produce units look through some of the Zerg lore and find something or make it up
10/15/2017 c13 TheLatiKing
Ahh Amy is our Zerg commander interesting she will probably be more friendly then Cassidy also a Zerg leviathan is just going to be stupidly expensive like so many more materials then a battle cruiser(though the Spear Of Adun is the largest spacefaring craft in the Starcraft universe the resourses to make it are even more ridiculous then a leviathan and larger then all of the star war universe's capital ships)
10/12/2017 c12 Minnidog118
Plz continueit is so good
10/11/2017 c12 TheLatiKing
Well then Cass will have to eventually learn to be friendly after she escapes at one point on this story as being known as a jerk to everyone makes it hard to get allies
10/11/2017 c12 18Yoshiki-909
Alter Mysterious Heroine X, walk the path of Alter. (FGO reference) Watch her Noble Phantasm.
I like the darkness but many people confuse it as Dark Evil when it's not.
When u walk a dark path, remain straight. Do not turn or step off the path. That's how corruption starts.
I walk the dark side but I will not turn evil.
10/11/2017 c12 No death
Well I gotta say I'm so glad that bull sh** that's them working together is finnaly over it was getting annoying but great plot oh yeah make sure cas kills at least one before she leaves :)
10/10/2017 c11 2VGBlackwing
it seem that if Victor dies I bet that Cass will put him the Purifier program and lead the Purifier in the future just saying plus play starcraft 2 again gotta say they have more protests and zerg heroes to play co-op WHERE IS MY REAPERS DIAMONDBACKS WREATHS AND SPECTRE MAN there so little terrain hero's like 3
10/9/2017 c11 2kossboss
honestly the Brian character does make sense... he is so stupid at times but then suddenly super smart. Hes also not realistic but then does that thing behind cas back. Super contradictory. Actions and words don't meet up either. Otherwise looking forward to more.
10/9/2017 c9 kossboss
Man she really is taking a lot of shit from them and dooing all the work... why not let them fuck up doing what they want and then being in a stronger potion over all? she alrdy determined she can't be the hydra inside shield so why continue to strength her greastest enemy/threat (terrans) when this battle would already be won with the gorgons?
10/9/2017 c4 kossboss
you should have her start taking some of the resources being collected to the protoss base.
10/9/2017 c3 kossboss
Interesting starting to get excited about where this is going!
10/9/2017 c11 No death
Will Brian try to kill cas soon?
10/9/2017 c11 18Yoshiki-909
The best thing about Vikings.
Once they enter the hanger of an enemy ship. They are in hell of a pain once the Assault Mode Vikings are walking and tearing down their ships in their own hanger.
Gotta love your Vikings. Especially the Elite Mecha Vikings are the bomb.
The imagination of a Hel's Angel Viking slashing down ships with it's large blade.
Just need 2 Ripwave Missles to hit the core and the station goes boom.
They really need to redesign their ships more effectively. Terran Battlecrusier dosen't expose it's core that easy.
Gotta love their Yamatos.
10/2/2017 c9 TheLatiKing
You have gained my interest the only thing I'm upset with is no Zerg(I wanted to see the star war universe react to them)but I can deal with them not being in this story...unless you have something planned
10/1/2017 c9 Hacher
Keep up the good work.
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