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8/28 c20 Hpfan
This story is so funny and sad of the bombings but perfect to the point where I think it’s just magical that you can get the right story ️️️️️️
6/17 c23 Themysteryofjade
Here I am wondering what happens next and searching for the next chapter button and there's none. Then I look at the last time this story and it's been 3 while years. My brain and heart just about exploded. This story is getting interesting and I'd love an update. It would be much appreciated. Pretty easy with a cherry on top, please and thank you.
4/23 c22 Drakena
another good fic. you are a great writer. please continue this story too
4/17 c23 Revenge Trio
Author-nim, will you be updating this fanfic anytime soon?
pls do! it's an amazing story!
3/15 c23 lady sesshomaru sama 949
love looking forward to reading more soon
7/25/2022 c23 1Roxas fleur
Lol tom getting blindsided by harry
7/24/2022 c1 Roxas fleur
And that, my friend, is what you call sexual urges. I think?
7/10/2022 c23 Gabe
Omg is this abandoned?
4/17/2022 c1 Thyara
Me encantoooo
4/17/2022 c23 Guest
Me encanta tu historia por favoooor seguiiii
2/27/2022 c23 Charlesincharge3
This is SO GOOD
2/13/2022 c23 Guest
I love this chapter!
Kiss! Kissss! Yes! They finally kissed! I want more of your relationship please!
I hope you havent abandones the story!
More harryxtom!

Update please
12/31/2021 c23 Guest
I love it
11/12/2021 c23 IdolaCandrie
I want... no I need More !
9/20/2021 c23 Eyrelav W
Udate please...!
Please, please, please...!
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