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10/13/2017 c1 27disneylover115
Hmm... where to begin with this fanfic?
No words can describe how well this oneshot was written... the characterization was on point.
I loved Derek's curiosity, and there was plenty of comedy to make this story entertaining.:)
I haven't seen many stories with a Muggle-born showing a wizard items from the Muggle world, but this was well done.:)
Again, the humor was great, and both the characters were likable.
it was interesting to see how Derek reacted throughout the whole story... and the part when Elise told him how wizards need to make improvements was hilarious.
This story receives five out of five stars, and deserves a fave.:)
Oh... elise and Derek would make a good couple... I would totally ship them.:)
9/25/2017 c1 17flightofthebumblebees
This is awesome. I like how it shows not all Slytherin’s are haters of muggleborns.
9/25/2017 c1 21Blackpantherprince
That was a really witty and fun story about culture clashes...;) Great that her Slytherin friend took it so well... Thanks for sharing! ;)
9/25/2017 c1 dominaohyu
i don't know why but i actually love this oneshot so much xx

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