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for A Light in the Dark

1/4 c3 3DannieLawman1995
Why not have one of them stay by the entrance of the lair while the others take Georgie to the hospital, that way they know where it is. Better than their stupid idea of all going when it's not necessary (it only takes a max of 3 to take him away) and forgetting everything. Also, maybe have a phone or something on them as well.
11/25/2022 c16 heap
Day 2 of asking you to update
I know I’m late
11/13/2022 c16 Aaaaaaaahhhhh
Update pls
10/11/2022 c16 heap
Day One of asking you to update
9/26/2022 c16 Guest
Keep going this is so good
9/19/2022 c16 Guest
Update this. It’s the best fanfiction I have ever read
9/19/2022 c16 Sherloxx Holmxs
I love Bill
Don’t leave him down there
In the underneath
Keep going
Let them find him
9/12/2022 c16 Vector
Bruh update
9/10/2022 c16 xXCLOUDXx
Omg this is so good pls keep going I want the losers to find Bill
8/30/2022 c16 Loversclub
This is the best fanfiction I’ve ever read and I love it sooooo much please continue
8/18/2022 c1 HelloElephant3
Love this
8/15/2022 c1 Guest
Please continue the story!
8/9/2022 c16 Guest
8/9/2022 c1 Guest
Do more
8/8/2022 c1 Guest
Please please please post the next part I love this story and I’m dying for them to remember Bill
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